Famous gamers contribute to the growth of the electronic games scene, highlights entrepreneur

Games are no longer “teenagers’ stuff” and anyone who still maintains that view is wrong. Nowadays, many adults resort to games as a strategy to relieve everyday stress and to have a moment of daily fun after a day at work. By the way, some celebrities have already revealed themselves to be gamers. Vin Diesel, Jamie Lee Curtis, Megan Fox, Samuel L. Jackson and Mila Kunis are among the supporters of the games.

Entrepreneur Lucas Malta comments that, in addition to being a hobby, for a professional career, games can help with several essential points, such as resolving conflicts and analyzing reactions. They still stimulate creativity and help create strategies. Regarding the latter, Lucas points out that in the business world it is necessary to achieve good results.

He explains that, depending on the game, strategy can lead to success or defeat. In the professional world this is no different. “If you want to beat a level in a game, you have to be strategic and create a mental plan to do it,” he explains.

“The relationship with the customer is no different, and it is just as challenging. You have a product or service and you want to offer it. In order to close that sale, it is essential to study the best way to convince the customer of this. , have a strategy”, he adds.

The importance of a professional gamer

Scientists at Imperial College, London have discovered that games can really improve intelligence, such as working memory, understanding, thinking and the ability to keep active information that is used for different cognitive activities. A survey by the University of Denver showed that the skills of gamers are 14% higher compared to non-gamers.

And there’s more: information retention can also be 9% higher. In view of this, Lucas reinforces that games are still allies of creativity.

How the career works

“Usually, before starting a game, people don’t pay much attention to the instruction manual. That is, they learn the rules, moves and study the other competitors on their own”, comments Lucas Malta.

“Another thing that I can mention as effective in games is helping with concentration. Have you ever seen someone take their eyes off the screen before the end of the game? There’s no way, because if you divert your attention, you lose. thing: if we don’t concentrate, at the end of the day we won’t have completed our demands”, he says.

“During a match, to be successful, sometimes I need the help of one or more players. In my companies, if I were to do everything alone, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. My team is essential to help with the demands of the day. This teaches a lot about joint work and collaboration. We have the impression that it is just a distraction, or a hobby. But, looking deeper, it is always possible to learn something”, he concludes.

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