Fiancee of Léo Campos, from Botafogo-PB, offends northeasterners

Adriana Borba, engaged to side Léo Campos, from Botafogo-PB, made xenophobic comments in stories published on Instagram. She complained about the accent and the way people walk from Paraíba.

What she said?

The accent is very cute, I think it’s cute, but there comes a time when you get irritated. You know that person who stands in front of you: oxe, my daughter, look at the price of this one, look, should I take it or not? Expensive thing of the disease “

Irony. She also said that people are ‘dragging their slippers all the time’ and said that she came to face some people from Paraíba in the market. “I don’t know how I didn’t get it,” she declared (see below).

Bye, Insta. Criticized by Botafogo-PB fans and the people of Paraíba, Adriana Borba deleted her Instagram account.

Caught by surprise. Léo Campos, 30, was training when the bride published the stories and only found out about the situation after the activity. He defended Figueirense last season.


Léo Campos and the bride recorded a video to apologize for what happened.

Speak, my people of Paraíba. My wife went to play a joke without any malice. Only, unfortunately, she had some words that people got wrong. The city is wonderful, you are wonderful, you received us very well. My family will visit me, buy a ticket to visit the city. I wanted to apologize for her too. I wanted you to forgive us because here nobody has any evil. I wanted you to support us and not criticize us.”
Leo Campos

Unfortunately, the way I said it… Sometimes we joke… How many times does a comedian joke… You have the right not to like it. I don’t take away your reason. I reinforce Leo’s words: we are rooting for the club. We had other proposals, and I told him to come to João Pessoa. I would not want this mistake of mine to disturb his football, to disturb him with Botafogo-PB, because today I am also a fan of Botafogo-PB”
Adriana Borba

Curiosity: As if the off-field controversy were not enough, Botafogo-PB is also going through a complicated phase within it. The team was eliminated early in the pre-Copa do Nordeste and occupies only seventh place in the Campeonato Paraibano, with three draws in three games.

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