‘São Paulo stopped in time, it’s accommodated’

Muricy Ramalho, former coach of São Paulo and current football coordinator, spoke about the situation the club faces. According to the words of the tricolor idol, the team is “accommodated”.

In an interview with the ‘Benja Me Mucho’ channel, Muricy spoke about the difference between São Paulo in the victorious eras compared to the present day. As a coach, the professional was three times champion of the Brazilian Championship (in 2006, 2007 and 2008). When arguing, he also cited the “Tele Era”.

According to Muricy, in the past, São Paulo was the biggest team in Brazil and he highlighted that it was the “dream of all players”. But even so, every time he won something, he settled in. And this convenience was not restricted only to players, but also added leaders and members of the tricolor summit in general.

“São Paulo won everything. With Telê, I was there too. São Paulo stopped in time, way back. It was the main one in Brazil and one in the world. All the players wanted to come to São Paulo. When you start earning a lot, you settle down. Every time I won one more, I saw a lot of people accommodated. Accommodated player, accommodated manager, commission. There had to be a madman like me to charge the guys. You have to be there all the time. It costs, every time to fight,” he said.


Muricy claimed that São Paulo ‘stopped in time’, and since that started to happen, it stopped investing. But the football coordinator pointed out that the club is trying to return to the level it occupied before, but is facing financial issues. Even with a reduction, Tricolor’s debt is currently close to R$ 600 million.

“São Paulo stopped at that time. It accommodates, does not invest more, São Paulo was on automatic. Now it is trying to return, but the economic difference is huge. The board is doing a miracle to pay the guys and hire”, he completed.

But even in the midst of this context, Muricy said that the São Paulo Tricolor is in a process of restructuring. During his speech, the modernization of the Training Center and the expectation of more investments in the next year were mentioned.

“Now we are trying to resume. The CT has improved a lot, it is trying to return to what it used to be. They are fixing the house, next year we will have more investments. But it is not easy the way they got it”, he concluded.

Muricy Ramalho was revealed in the youth categories of Tricolor, played as a player during the 1970s, was a coach and now has been at the club as a football coordinator since 2021.

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