Why are those who are silent about Daniel Alves silent? – 01/25/2023

Not long ago Robinho was being pampered on a TV show.

Already convicted of rape and already on the run from Italian justice, he was featured in images and praise for his wonderful dribbling.

Between commas, some reservations were made and the case of rape was mentioned slightly.

But despite the crime, what a player he was, commentators said.

This type of situation carries immense violence.

Being a woman, enjoying football and having to listen to men praising a rapist makes us question whether we should continue watching and working with the game.

Recently, Diego Ribas went to visit his friend Robinho on the beach. Photos, smiles, pampering.

Afterwards, Diego went to comment on the Cup on Globo channels.

Just party and praise for the midfielder.

The pact of masculinity is too serious a thing.

Neither Tite, nor the super-Christians Kaká and Pedrinho, nor the mega-businessman Ronaldo, nor the talkative goalkeeper Marcos, nor the CBF have so far deigned to comment on the case of the player who, according to the former national team coach, “transcends the soccer”.

What will need to happen for this group of notables to speak out?

Casagrande is the guy who puts his face down and talks openly about this whole miserable state of affairs.

His last text is yet another drop of decency and courage in this ocean of love and respect that he gave birth to.

Robinho was caught in audios commenting on the rape with friends, saying that he knew he would not be caught because he had “spurred in the mouth” of the unconscious woman and that, therefore, there would be no evidence against him.

Do you understand the violence and delinquency in this statement?

Would they continue to be friends with someone who committed this atrocity, like Diego Ribas?

What would lead them to remain friends?

Only the naturalization of this type of barbarism would justify maintaining friendship with someone who ejaculates in the mouth of an unconscious woman and brags about the feat.

Who naturalizes rape can work with the public?

Should anyone who takes a smiling photo next to a rapist be spared criticism?

I would say no, because anyone who has a sweet and public dialogue with a rapist is collaborating with rape culture.

There are no dribbles in the world, nor achievements, that justify someone like that continuing to be pampered, praised and praised for their sporting skills.

The truth about the grotesque silence of star players and others in the football world is only one: many of those who remain silent are silent because they have already done similar things.

At any moment, an accusation against them could surface, so it’s better to stay here quietly and forgetfully and let this wave pass.

But this time silence will not mean absence of communication. This time, the silence screams.

We know why they shut up just as you know exactly what you did in past summers.

The world is turning and that wheel doesn’t go backwards.

As Subcomandante Zapatista Marcos said: sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution.

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