Without scares, Ceará thrashes Pacajus 4-0 at Presidente Vargas – Jogada

THE Ceará thrashed the Pacajus by 4-0 on the night of this Wednesday (25), for the 2nd round of the Ceará Championship 2023. The match was at the stadium President Vargas and Vozão won with goals from Vitor Gabriel, Guilherme Castilho, Erick and Luvannor. Thus, Grandpa recovered from the defeat to rail by 3 to 0, by Northeast Cup.

With the result, Vozão reached 6 points in 2 games in Group A, leading the group. Vozão will play again on Saturday (28), at 4 pm, also in PV, against Maracanã, for the 3rd round.

The game

Coach Gustavo Morínigo – who commanded the team for the 1st time from the bench – kept only defender Tiago Pagnussat as a starter compared to the team that faced Ferroviário last Sunday. Thus, with a greatly modified team, Vozão won easily.

After 1 minute, Erick crossed the area and Vitor Gabriel headed it out. But the center forward would not miss the next chance. At 9 minutes, Erick gave another assist and Vitor Gabriel made it 1-0 by hitting the corner.

At 14, Arthur Resende launched, Erick crossed first and Guilherme Castilho sent it over. However, the midfielder redeemed himself with praise a minute later, scoring a great goal from outside the area: 2 to 0.

Guilherme Castilho scored a goal in the 1st half


After the two goals, Vovô slowed down, but continued to create. Vitor Gabriel, Guilherme Castilho and Erick, had a chance to expand, but lost their chances.

More goals

In the final stage, Ceará remained dominant, but only put more pressure on with the additions of Luvannor, Janderson and Caique Gonçalves.

And at 20, Luvannor had a good chance and the goalkeeper saved it. But on the next move, the attacker made a beautiful pass for Erick to score the third.

Striker Luvannor entered the 2nd half and scored one and gave an assist


After giving an assist, Luvannor did his, finishing well after a beautiful pass from Arthur Resende, closing the scoring.

Ceará 4×0 Pacajus: how was the real time of the match


  • Ceará | Aguilar, Igor, Gabriel Lacerda, Tiago Pagnussat, Willian Formiga, Arthur Resende, Geovane, Guilherme Castilho, Chay, Erick and Vitor Gabriel. Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.
  • Pacajus | Lupitinha; Ray, Jefferson, Claudio, Guto, Claudivan, Bruno Ocara, Lopeu, Bruninho, Indio and Jair Pitbull. Technician: Cleiton Cearense.

Technical sheet | Ceara x Pacajus

  • Competition: 2023 Cearense Championship – 2nd round.
  • Location: Presidente Vargas Stadium (PV), in Fortaleza.
  • Date: January 25th, Wednesday.
  • Time: 20h.

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