Monthly Archives: January 2023

4 movies to watch as a family coming to Netflix in 2023

2023 is quite promising in Netflix releases, between movies and series of all possible genres. Among horror, comedy, drama, adventure and romance features, there is a very specific type: those that can be watched by the whole family. Films with no age restrictions are ideal to watch alongside parents, young …

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Meta’s application will be closed soon: see which one!

Find out which app developed by a Meta team will be shut down soon and download your data as soon as possible Image: mundissima / Bad news for anyone using Meta’s Move app. Discreetly, Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced the closure of the to-do list social platform that gave points …

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Nubank dismisses employees and advisory after “box crisis”

The Americanas crisis made Nubank shareholders see their investments as negatively profitable. Know more! Since Americanas’ billionaire gap was announced, Nubank shareholders, who invest in the fixed income fund — the famous fintech boxes — have started to report negative returns. The wave of complaints flooded social networks and now, …

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