30 million to Barça, but Javi Hernandez doubted goodbye signing

Dani Olmo was in Barça’s orbit during the start of the summer market. His contract was ending after 12 months and it was not clear if he wanted to continue with RB Leipzig. And that caught the attention of Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemani, who began contacts to try and close the contract with a player who was totally liked by the board due to his age, experience, level and incredible versatility. allows him to play in almost any attacking position.

In addition, his price invited to make an offer, andafter all, at the Red Bull Arena it was estimated at only 30 million euros. But Xavi Hernandez again rejected the operation, as he did in January 2022, when negotiations with the Spain international were already at their most advanced level, but he ordered everything stopped in order to sign Ferran Torres from Manchester City Pep Guardiola. History repeated itself in June of this year.

Dani Olmo/ Photo: Europa Press

The Terrassa coach, from the same city where the 25-year-old striker was born, opted to save that money to sign Bernardo Silva, who, while a significantly more expensive alternative, was far more convincing. Finally, as we all know, the Portuguese star failed to land at Camp Nou. and the former Dinamo Zagreb player decided to sign a new contract and stay for one more Bundesliga campaign.

He also received calls from Atlético Madrid, Milan, Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester United, but Olmo felt that the best option for his development would be to continue his development in Germany. And time proved him right, seeing the sensational start of the championship he held. In the Super Cup against Bayern Munich, he became the most valuable player of the match and showed perhaps the best result of his career, scoring a hat-trick.

And in the first two days of the championship, he managed to see a goal twice. If you maintain this level, in 2024, he will become one of the protagonists of the market.

Olmo, with a clause on termination of the contract in the amount of 60 kilograms.

Olmo made sure to include an exemption clause in his contract. this will allow him a change of scenery in exchange for about 60 “kilograms”, quite an acceptable figure for any top-level team. And it began to sound convincing for the strengthening of Real Madrid or, in particular, City.

It is almost impossible that he will go to Barça.because Dani doesn’t want to know anything about that option anymore.

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