5 elegant and minimalist manicures with stripes in trend in spring

    Let there be no doubt: minimalism triumphs in the world of nails and there is no competitor that can dethrone him (unless you are Megan Fox and want to show off a silver manicure with diamonds, although for now it is not in our plans). Those ostentatious designs that we saw back in the 2010s have been frozen in time, lost among the photos shared on Tuenti. Now, following the ‘nude’ effect movement in fashion (with the Kardashian’s ‘nude’ colors) and in the ‘make up no makeup look’ in makeup, we can only surrender to minimalist nail designs. The latest signing is very elegant, and includes some very fine stripes.

    For weeks we have been attentive to the nail designs of ‘celebs’ on the red carpet, such as Taylor Swift’s ‘midnight blue’ or Nicola Peltz’s ‘blizzard french’. But it is also that, in parallel, we are preparing to locate those proposals that are going to be a trend in the coming months, in the spring-summer season. And yes, in case there were still any doubts (which we don’t believe) we will continue to see very minimalist proposals where elegance and simplicity are everything.

    Let’s review the ‘nail art’ that we will wear: a French manicure with flowers, to welcome spring, and the most adorable pastel nail polishes. The new trend that we will not stop seeing with social networks comes in the most minimalist format possible: the manicure with stripes.

    striped manicure designs

    The maxi-minimalist version

    For lovers of ‘black and white’ nails, based on very simple and discreet designs, this manicure takes minimalism to its maximum expression in the world of ‘nail art’. With the quintessential neutral colors and such a fine line that it far exceeds the minimalism of the ‘frenchies’.

    minimalist and elegant white striped manicure

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    vertical format

    Following in the footsteps of the ‘half frenchies’, who version the French manicure but making it turn on itself, now we change the direction of the line and place it vertically. The result is very elegant, with a tattoo effect that we love.

    black and white striped french manicure

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    In color

    Speaking of spring, you can not miss the touch of color. If it is difficult for you to change the enamels in ‘nude’ tones for other more striking ones, start with this design in which the distinctive touch falls in a thin line. We recommend you bet on pink, one of the colors of the season.

    color striped manicure

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    in elegant gold

    If you also like ‘brilli-brilli’, go for this design with a hue that imitates the gold typical of jewels (in fact, combine it with your gold rings). The result? Elegance materialized in your nails.

    golden striped manicure

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    half square

    The most special version of the manicure with stripes: half a square, with a right angle formed by a mega-thin vertical stripe and another horizontal one, drawn right on the edge of the nail. They are very minimalist, but they are far from going unnoticed.

    minimalist striped manicure

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    How to do the minimalist manicure with stripes

    Yes, enamels are the soul of every manicure, but there are other elements and tools without which we cannot conceive of a ‘self-care’ session at home, and one of them is a set of brushes with which to draw different designs.


    Finest brush for manicure



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