5 foods that cause abdominal inflammation and intestinal gas

Abdominal inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, from emotional issues to certain foods that cause this effect on the abdomen. The latter is perhaps one of the easiest prevention methods, since once bloating foods are identified, the next step to reducing the frequency of episodes is to reduce their intake.

These are 5 foods that cause abdominal inflammation and intestinal gas.

Why does abdominal inflammation occur?

According to Medline Plus, inflammation or bloating is typically the result of overconsumption of certain food groups that are difficult for the body to process due to their ingredients. Meanwhile, Medical News Today explains that other causes of bloating may be due to medical emergencies such as colitis or premenstrual syndrome.

Both medical journals agree that diet is one of the main factors. Therefore, it is necessary to determine which foods cause symptoms such as inflammation of the abdominal cavity and the appearance of intestinal gases.

In these circumstances, a balanced diet is ideal. Avoid, as far as possible, ingredients known to be associated with bloating.

In the event that its recurrence is chronic or warning signs are found, such as severe and persistent pain, or if the swelling interferes with daily activities, it is best to contact specialists who investigate specific causes, excluding other types of conditions.

Foods that cause and exacerbate inflammation of the abdominal cavity

Foods that cause abdominal inflammation
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1. Dairy products

Dairy products are often classified as causing bloating and intestinal gas, especially in adults. This is because, according to an AARP article, as we age, the body produces an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose, a component of milk, yogurt, cheese and other foods, to a lesser extent. Similarly, swelling can be exacerbated by the presence of fats during its manufacture.

For this reason, it is recommended to reduce its intake by including it in a balanced diet that gives the body what it needs to function properly. Although not a rule, if inflammation and gas occur during the consumption of dairy products, intolerance should ideally be ruled out.

2. Lentils

Although lentils are a food known to be a significant source of nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, iron, and vitamin B, they have also been included in the list of foods that cause abdominal inflammation and intestinal gas. One reason for this belief is the high fiber content, which can make it harder for some digestive systems to process compared to other foods.

Specialized portal Botical explains that lentils are not suitable for frequent consumption by those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or acute colitis. Since, in combination with excess fiber, there is a risk of irritation from the saponins found in this type of legume.

3. Broccoli

Foods that cause abdominal inflammation
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One of the main properties of broccoli is its iron content and its contribution to strengthening the immune system. However, this vegetable can be counterproductive for people who suffer from subsequent abdominal inflammation.

The Center for Clinical Nutrition clarifies that the reason for this side effect of broccoli is that, although it is naturally occurring and does not pose a risk, its composition of sugar and fiber is not primarily digested by the system, but intestinal bacteria carry out a fermentation process that ends with bloating. abdomen and constant recurrence of intestinal gases.

4. Refined flour

The consumption of refined flours is limited in most cases, as they are products that contain unhealthy ingredients. In addition, they are a risk factor for blood sugar levels.

Its association with abdominal inflammation and intestinal gas has also been studied. The use of refined flour as a trigger for this condition suggests a Harvard study. Basically, this is because, unlike foods like lentils, they have almost no levels of fiber, nutrients, and phytochemicals, making them difficult for the body to digest with sufficient ease.

5. Alcoholic drinks

Foods that cause abdominal inflammation
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In addition to the many effects that alcohol consumption has on health, mood, and emotions, alcohol is an ingredient that influences the recurrence of abdominal inflammation.

The Mayo Clinic explains that in order to successfully process intoxicating drinks, the body must break down or metabolize all of its toxins. Therefore, the CNC article goes into detail on the fact that the reason why it becomes the perfect setting for bloating and intestinal gas is because ethanol, one of the toxins mentioned, irritates the stomach lining and makes the digestive system work. more demanding.

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