5 NETFLIX series you MUST SEE if you liked Locke & Key


If you still miss the series with Emilia Jones on Netflix, here we propose other very similar fictions. Review the list with Stranger Things and more!

Locke & Key has three streaming seasons.
©NetflixLocke & Key has three streaming seasons.

For lovers of fantasy teen series, Netflix It has a huge variety in its catalogue. A clear example of this is Lock & Keythe fiction of three seasons which follows three brothers who -after the murder of their father- move with their mother to the home where he grew up. There they discover a mansion full of magic keys that keep powers and secrets. If you miss production with Emily Joneshere we review 5 other very similar series of the subscription service.

+ 5 series similar to Locke & Key on Netflix

-Stranger Things

A classic of Netflixit is undoubtedly stranger things. Since its arrival on the streaming platform in 2016, the series starring Millie Bobby Brown became the great phenomenon of the red N. With some points in common with Lock & Keyduring their four seasons totackles the mystery of a town related to secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a very strange girl.

-The Society

If you are passionate about stories starring teenagers like Lock & Keythen you must add The Society to your list of Netflix. With only 10 episodes released in 2019, shows a town in West Ham where all the inhabitants disappear, except for the teenagers. In this sense, they must create their own society to survive.

-The Haunting Of Bly Manor

In 2020, Netflix threw the 9 episodes that make up The Haunting Of Bly Handr, a story by the same creator of The Curse of Hill House. If it has caught you Lock & Key, then you’ll love this haunting fiction in which an au pair discovers that dying doesn’t mean disappearing. How? By falling into an abyss of terrifying secrets of a gothic romance.

-Greenhouse Academy

Brothers and strange situations? That doesn’t just happen in Lock & Keybut also happens in Greenhouse Academy. series of Netflix which started in 2017 carry four seasons and exposes two teenage brothers who enter an elite boarding school where they find rivalries and romances, but above all a mystery linked to the recent death of their mother.

– Lockwood Agency

One of the great bets of Netflix so far 2023has been Lockwood Agency. This series has managed to capture the attention of a good part of the fans of Lock & Key, since it is set in a world plagued by ghosts in which three teenagers work as paranormal investigators. throughout their 8 episodesthey will risk everything to expose a diabolical conspiracy.

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