5 pastel colored marble effect manicures that we will wear in spring

    Creativity reigns in the world of ‘nail art’, and it is that trends follow each other and we do not stop seeing new viral ideas that become popular on social networks. Not to mention the designs we copied from the red carpet, where we’ve zoomed in on Megan Fox’s silver nails with diamonds or Taylor Swift’s ‘midnight blue’ effect. But we are in a moment of change, and it is that shortly we’ll dive into spring, and that brings more than a wardrobe change: the arrival of new and powerful trends. One of those that are renewed for the new season are marbled nails, now in pastel color.

    If during the Christmas season we did not stop seeing red and maroon manicures, evoking the colors of the festivity, now the world of manicures is fully immersed in this new season, spring. You can not miss the French manicures decorated with flowers, an icon. We also witnessed the entry of the color pink as one of the most acclaimed trends since we saw Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dressed as Barbie and Ken.

    We put aside the darker nail polishes, which we immediately link with autumn and winter, to change them for pastel nail polish. Yes, they are one of our favourites, which we can verify by the different ‘aesthetics’ that are based on them. It is the turn to move on to marbled nailsa design minimalist and elegant that this spring blends with these light tones.

    Marbled nails in pastel colors

    Roses effect ‘nude’

    The basic ones start from a very light pink base, almost the color of the nail (the one we associate so much with the French manicure, but with a pinker undertone) and little by little they fade towards the end of the nail. The marble is represented with very faded white lines.

    spring pink marble manicure

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    The emblematic colors of spring

    Of course, spring is synonymous with the arrival of colors, because we evoke the flowers and the optimism of sunny days. Thus, mixing light tones such as pink, orange or yellow, an effect is achieved that gives us a very good vibe.

    marble nails spring colors

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    With ‘brilli-brilli’

    The best thing about these minimalist-inspired nails is that you can add small details that elevate the ‘nail art’: with a very light pink base, we add a touch of ‘glitter’ in gold, silver or, equally, pink, to make them even more elegant.

    spring pastel glitter marble manicure

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    Sky Blue

    But, If pink is not your color, there are other options that are also in trend. A marble effect manicure in a pastel blue color is ideal and its finish is very ‘cute’.

    spring blue marble manicure

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    all to lilac

    One of the most special colors is, without a doubt, the pastel shades of purple. This design combines several full nails painted with a lilac nail polish with others with a slight marbled effect whose minimalist and spring result is a YES.

    spring pastel marbled manicure

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