5 titles not to miss on Netflix this weekend

5 recommended movies to watch the weekend of the first week of March on Netflix.

For those Netflix subscribers who find themselves in a dilemma every weekend because they don’t know what to watch within the huge existing catalogue, we provide you with a list of recommended ones. In order for you not to miss anything that everyone is seeing or to save time in the election, Infobae shows you several of the most popular options below.

Kevin discovers that there is a ghost named Ernest haunting his new house, and his family goes viral. But when they decide to investigate the spirit’s past on their own, they both end up in the CIA’s crosshairs. (Netflix)

we have a ghost

The comedy feature film qualifies as the ideal film to enjoy with the family. This production brings together three stars of the moment: David Harbor (stranger things), Anthony Mackie (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus). The story is absurd and funny, so it will not fail to make more than one laugh. The synopsis of him details that “the discovery of a ghost named Ernest in his new house makes Kevin’s family go viral on social media. But when Kevin and Ernest begin to investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past on their own, they become targets of the CIA.

Veteran agents Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett team up again to stop Armando Armas, the violent leader of a Miami-based drug cartel.

bad boys forever

This is the third part of the saga starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence that recreates the life of two police officers who get together again after several years. Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett are two policemen who are assigned particularly dangerous tasks and carry them out in action scenes mixed with funny situations. The villain in question is Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio), the narco boss of a drug cartel in Miami. This man, in turn, is a murderer who has no mercy when it comes to killing, in addition to dedicating himself to the drug trafficking business. This is how her mother Isabel (played by Kate del Castillo) comes into action when her son frees her from her days in prison in Mexico.

The strangers

English film directed and written by Nathaniel Martello-White, featuring Ashley Madekwe (Revenge, The Umbrella Academy) as Neve, the protagonist of this story. The woman leads a placid and calm life as she always dreamed of, but she is affected when two mysterious characters that she does not know come across her. They are a man and a woman that she sees everywhere, but the disturbing thing is that no one else sees them, only her.

The perfect life of an upper-middle-class woman spirals out of control when two mysterious characters arrive in her town.


After her husband is murdered by a drug dealer and she is left alive because she was presumed dead, a highly-skilled soldier in the United States special forces embarks on a mission of revenge. The compensation that the protagonist seeks becomes so intense that she ends up ending the lives of a large number of bad and dangerous people involved in her painful situation.

On a field trip, Brenner Baker of the Special Forces, stumbles across a Cartel compound. Her husband was murdered and she was presumed dead.

Armed and dangerous

A DEA agent and a Naval Intelligence officer manage to steal $43 million from the mob. But the problem that arises in this regard is that this money was not from the criminal organization, but from the CIA. Armed and Dangerous is a film adaptation of a graphic novel by Steven Grant, starring stars like Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. The film just entered Netflix’s Top 10 list.

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