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He International Women’s Day It is a date that commemorates women around the world and their struggle to be treated with equality and respect. That is why in this note we will offer you 50 short phrases for confident and empowered women to be able to share on this important day for them; among other important information about this date set to raise awareness.


These are the 50 best short phrases for confident and empowered women that you can share on the International Women’s Day.

  • “Feminism is a courageous protest of a whole sex against the positive diminution of its personality.” Clara Campoamor.
  • “Feminism is not just for women, it is allowing everyone to have a fuller life”, Jane Fonda.
  • “There is no barrier, lock, or bolt that you can impose on the freedom of my mind.” Virginia Woolf.
  • “I will not be a free woman while there are still subjected women”, Audre Lorde.
  • “To free herself, women must feel free, not to compete with men, but free in their abilities and personality,” Indira Gandhi.
  • “When a man gives his opinion, he is a man. When a woman does it, he is a whore ”, Bette Davis.
  • “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” Gloria Steinem.
  • “I don’t remember reading any book that doesn’t talk about the instability of women. Perhaps because they were written by men.” Jane Austen.
  • “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” Margaret Atwood.
  • “I am a feminist person who thinks that every woman can do whatever she decides to do”, grace kelly.
  • “I raised my voice, not to shout, but to make those who have no voice heard. We can’t succeed when half of us are left behind.” Malala Yousafzai.
  • “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman”, Melinda Gates.
  • “No woman should be told that she can’t make decisions about her own body. When women’s rights are under attack, we react.” Kamala Harris.
  • “We are ignorant of our own stature until we stand upright”, Emily Dickinson.
  • “If feminism wasn’t so powerful, people wouldn’t try to belittle it.” Jessica Valenti.
  • “I just want to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free,” Rosa Parks.
  • “The level of civilization that various human societies have reached is in proportion to the independence enjoyed by women,” Flora Tristan.
  • “For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free”, Rosa Luxemburg.
  • “The best way to cultivate courage in our daughters and other young women is by example. If they see their mothers and other women in their lives face the future without fear, they will know that it is possible to do it ”, Gloria Steinem.
  • “We cannot all advance if half of humanity is behind”, Malala Yousafzai.
  • “I’m not accepting the things I can’t change, I’m changing the things I can’t accept” Angela Davies.
  • “You cannot hope to build a better world without improving people. Each one of us must work for his own improvement.” Marie Curie.
  • “We are not born as a woman, but we become one”, Simone de Beauvoir.
  • “The prolonged slavery of women is the darkest page in the history of humanity”, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  • “Love has been the opium of women, like religion of the masses. While we loved, men ruled.” Kate Millett.
  • “The feminist agenda is simple: it only claims that women are not forced to choose between justice in public and happiness in private”, Susan Faludi.
  • “Opressed men, it is a tragedy. Oppressed women, it’s tradition “, Letty Cotton.
  • “The bravest act is to think for yourself, out loud”, Coco Chanel.
  • “They teach us to hide, to look down and feel ashamed, to depend on someone else’s gaze to see us shine”, Albanta San Roman.
  • “I think all women are feminists. They may refuse to admit it, but if they were to travel back 40 years in time and someone asked them if this is the world they would like to live in, they would all say no.” Helen Mirren.
  • “On many occasions in history, ‘Anonymous’ was a woman”, Virginia Woolf.
  • “We are ignorant of our own stature until we stand upright”, Emily Dickinson.
  • “Each and every one of you can be leaders and support others to achieve it”, Michelle Obama.
  • “A woman should be two things: who and what she wants” Coco Chanel.
  • “Fall in love with you, with life. And after whoever you want “, Frida Khalo.
  • “Feminism is the radical idea that women are people”, Angela Davis.
  • “Gender is between the ears and not between the legs”, Chaz Bono.
  • “To be free is not only to get rid of one’s own chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela.
  • “Classifying gender violence as a ‘women’s issue’ is part of the problem. It gives a huge number of men the perfect excuse not to pay attention.” jackson katz
  • “Well-behaved women rarely make history,” ELeanor Roosevelt.
  • “I do not want women to have power over men, but over themselves” Mary Wollstonecraft.
  • “The test to know if you can do a job or not should not be the organization of your chromosomes”, Bella Abzug.
  • “Fighting for women’s rights often makes us synonymous with hating men. I only know one thing is true: we need to stop these thoughts.” Emma Watson.
  • “Our men believe that making money and giving orders are the bases of power. They don’t believe that power is in the hands of a woman who takes care of everyone all day long and gives birth.” Malala Yousafzai.
  • “I want for myself what I want for other women: absolute equality”, Agnes Macphail.
  • “Feet, why do I want them, if I have wings to fly”, Frida Kahlo.
  • “Women will not be equal outside the home while men are not equal inside it”, Gloria Steinem.
  • “Women, don’t worry about your appearance. What makes you different or rare is your greatest strength.” Meryl Streep.
  • “If you’re going to love me only by following your rules, keep your love to yourself” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
  • “What made women’s work especially attractive to capitalists was not only its lower price, but also the greater submission of women.” Clara Zetkin.


He International Women’s Daypreviously called the International Day of Working Women, commemorates every March 8 the struggle of women for their participation in society and their full development as a person, on an equal footing with men.

In it International Women’s Day the numeronym “8-M” is also used in reference to the day and month in which it is commemorated.

In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 3010, declared 1975 “International Women’s Year”, and in 1977 invited States to declare, in accordance with their historical traditions and national customs, a day as International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Due to its origin and the tragic events it commemorates, the International Women’s Day It is used to visualize gender inequality and to vindicate the fight for effective equal rights for women in various fields. It is usually celebrated in almost all parts of the world (an example of this is Italy and its “Festa della Donna”), and it is a holiday in some countries.

Some feminist currents argue that the International Women’s Day It is not a day that should be celebrated or a holiday due to its origin, but should serve to claim rights.

In different reports published by the United Nations (UN), regarding the International Women’s DayIn global terms, around the world women are below men in all indicators of sustainable development.

The gender inequalities that are often claimed in the International Women’s Day It is observed that women make up almost two thirds of the world’s illiterates, there is talk of the feminization of poverty because the majority of the world’s poor are women, women have less access to basic social services than men, women are 11 percentage points more likely to have no food.

Likewise, regarding the International Women’s Daywe must know that the salary gap shows that women earn less money than men for the same work, and even those who are more educated than them get lower-ranking jobs, there are 39 nations in which sons have inheritance rights that female daughters do not, and only 2% of the planet’s land belongs to women while 98% belongs to men, although women are responsible for collecting water in 80% of houses without running water, in 30 countries continue to perform female genital mutilation and there are at least 200 million women operated on, two thirds of the victims of human trafficking are women, women represent the vast majority of detected victims who were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation, in many cases 94% of the victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are women.

In addition to all this, women and girls are victims of kidnapping for violent and sexual purposes to ask for money, in many cases women are the last to eat in the family, many women still cannot choose a husband and every 2 seconds a girl is forced he child marriage on the planet, in many countries there are still legal codes that force the woman to obey her husband, in general terms, the fact of being born a woman poses a serious danger anywhere in the world due to the so-called sexist violence.

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