6 Times Post Malone Showed His Love For Rock

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Post Malone is one of the most recognizable rappers of recent years. But beyond that, he’s shown to be a red-bone rocker, and that’s proof of that.

Perhaps rock is not at the peak of popularity in the industry right now.but we are sure of something: some of the most popular artists of our time have a special affection for him … as in the case of Post Malone and his unconditional love for the genre.

The Texas native has made a career in hip-hop but has proven several times that his musical roots in rock and roll. Proof of this are some songs, collaborations, tattoos and more.

Illustrative image by Post Malone/Photo: Getty Images

Tattoo inspired by Nirvana and a tribute to Travis Barker.

He has the word “Stay Away” tattooed above his right eyebrow. Tattoo location was inspired by the song “Cry Baby”, which was written by fellow rapper Lil Peep.whose portrait he also holds in his hands.

But in the case of Post Malone, the phrase he uses It’s in honor of his favorite Nirvana song.the same as on the mythical album doesn’t matter. Here we will tell you the history of Posti’s face tattoos.

And if this was already a tribute to the greatest grunge, we can’t forget the tribute he paid during the pandemic. performing several classic Kurt Cobain songs in combination with Travis Barker in the battery.

His collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne.

Rap and rock collaborations are always interesting. And depending on the case, in some cases one gender can stand out more than the other. But in this song called “Take What You Want” Post Malone did something very special. collaborates with the “Prince of Darkness”: Ozzy Osbourne himself.

The song is perfect guitar arpeggio in the purest style of eighties soloist Ozzya dynamic hip hop/trap beat accompanied by Travis Scott and a frenetic finale with a dizzying guitar solo.

Great song that confirmed the great moment that Post Malone experienced in 2019 with the album Hollywood bleeding. And, of course, a track that showed Post Malone’s love for the rock of yesteryear.

Post Malone’s Love for Flat Rock: ‘Rockstar’ Cult Singer References

If you have a song called “Rockstar”, the least you would expect to find references to this style. hedonistic life that was once supported by the idea of ​​”sex, drugs and rock and roll” in the topic… And, of course, Post Malone did it on a 2017 single that once again established him as a rapper with a rocker soul.

Austin Richard Post – the real name of the singer – makes some great references to AC/DC with reference to “Back In Black” and the late singer Bon Scott, as well as Jim Morrison and The Doors classic “Light My Fire”.

Other references in the song to the wild life of a rock star are associated with ideas of groupies, substance use, arrests for recklessness, and throwing TVs out of hotel windows (the latter can be a reference to any rock star). )… Of course, this behavior can be controversial, but you get the essence of the song.

When he played with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Grammy Awards

Can you imagine being on stage with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Phew, this must be one of the most incredible moments that can happen to an 80s/90s rock fan. And although Post Malone is an artist who could be considered a star anywhere for a long time, He did not miss the opportunity to give his place to such a gang as the RHCP..

At the 2019 Grammy Awards, Post Malone opened the show with “Stay”, then “Rockstar”, and later he joined Anthony Kiedis and company in “Dark Necessities”. where he supported vocals and even played guitar. It was a very unexpected collaboration, with which Post Malone once again confirmed his unconditional love for rock legends.

An avid Pantera fan.

Pantera and Post Malone have something in common: their Texan origins.. With that in mind, there was no shortage of videos of the rapper singing songs like “Walk”, performed by the mighty band whose terrific guitarist was once Dimebag Darrell.

A few years ago, Video of Posti and Beach Fossils members drinking karaoke circulatedsing disco classics Rough display of power since 1992.

This karaoke cover came out in early 2020, but Post Malone’s fanaticism for Pantera had already been seen shortly before, when photographed with Phil Anselmo, lead singer of the legendary groove metal bandbehind the scenes.

Phil Anselmo with Post Malone in 2019. Photo: Instagram.

Post Malone showcases his love for ’90s rock with Pearl Jam cover

If we’ve confirmed anything on this list, it’s that Post Malone has a special affinity for grunge’s great glory. And if we already had an idea of ​​how much he likes Nirvana, he could not miss it. that 2022 cover of one of Pearl Jam’s most memorable songs: “Better Man”..

It was during the broadcast the howard stern show where Malone sang a cover and explained that this song is special for He’s thanks to his brother Jordan, a Marine based in Hawaii, showing him the song when the singer was just 13 years old. And well, that memory marked him, because, you know, music always brings something new to everything.

As we have already said, rock may not be at its brightest and peak of popularity. But that doesn’t mean he’s dead… Big stars like Post Malone is keeping him afloat too, however.

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