65: On the brink of extinction

Science fiction allows us to explore impossible situations and scenarios. Imagine, for example, an extraterrestrial visit to Earth 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed its surface. Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly the idea of ​​the movie. 65: On the brink of extinction and in this review we are going to find out if he makes the most of it or if it is just an excuse to have Adam Driver shoot some giant lizards.

On second thought, seeing the actor who played Kylo Ren fighting a T-Rex doesn’t sound bad at all.

Seeking to earn money to pay for treatment for his daughter’s illness, a pilot named Mills takes a two-year job ferrying passengers to another planet. After an accident, his ship crashes on an unknown planet and only he and a girl survive. This place is not only inhabited by dinosaurs who want to hunt them down, but they are facing even greater danger.

65: On the brink of extinction It’s a pretty traditional adventure. We have two characters who must survive the dangers of an Earth they don’t know. The center of its plot is not the dinosaurs, but the way in which the protagonist becomes the protector of the little girl and how she gradually becomes a surrogate daughter.. In that sense, the movie couldn’t have come at a better time because this is the same dynamic as Joel and Ellie in the popular HBO series The Last of Usbased on the Naughty Dog video game.

65: Verge of Extinction movie critical review analysis opinion

But Koa, the girl in the movie, adds a complication to this relationship: she doesn’t speak the same language as her protector. That is an interesting element that could serve the drama quite well, but the story misses it. Despite making it clear from the start that she can’t understand what she’s saying, Mills insists on talking to her anyway and rarely makes an effort to make her understand through other means.

Most of the public are probably not interested in that and probably went to the movies to see the dinosaurs. These are quite interesting because they do not have the designs that we are used to. We don’t mean that they’re scientifically correct—we’re still looking forward to seeing the feathered beasts they really were—but that they have different proportions that sometimes make them unrecognizable. We have flat-faced pteranodons and tyrannosaurs that can run on all fours. There are others that we could not describe by naming any of the dinosaurs we know of.

65: Verge of Extinction movie critical review analysis opinion

The special effects are decent and the film uses real scenes quite well in combination with those created with green screen. But as we said, the focus of 65: On the brink of extinction It’s not really in the dinosaurs and that makes for a lot of scenes where they’re not on screen. This is not a multi-hundred million dollar blockbuster and it shows in its more limited ambitions.

When the dinosaurs do appear, they offer us sequences full of tension and action. They are not particularly new, but they are very entertaining. They serve Adam Driver to show that he can be a more than competent action hero and that’s good, because in the rest of the film he seems to be acting on autopilot. This gentleman showed us in movies like story of a marriage and even in the same Star Wars he is a great dramatic actor. But Mills is a highly stoic character. He doesn’t let his face show his true emotions, not even in the moments that deserve it the most. That makes it kind of boring.

In contrast we have Ariana Greenblatt, the girl who plays Koa. This young lady hardly speaks and when she does we can’t understand her, but she does a fantastic physical performance. She reminded us of a little Hailee Steinfeld, both because of her face and her talent.

65: Verge of Extinction movie critical review analysis opinion

What we liked least about 65: On the brink of extinction It wasn’t Driver’s boring performance or generic development, but his lack of imagination.. The protagonists are beings from another planet that existed millions of years ago, but their appearance is that of ordinary humans. Their outfits, weapons, ships, and technology aren’t too different from what we’ve seen in other sci-fi movies over the decades. A plot like this, so ‘pulp’, lent itself perfectly to incredible designs that gave the impression of belonging to another world. But they are more of the same. We do not mean that they look bad, it is just that they completely miss their potential.

65: On the brink of extinction It has some moments of good suspense and tension -not unusual coming from Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, responsible for the script of a place in silence— but it doesn’t do anything special. It is perfect to spend an entertaining afternoon, but we will probably quickly forget about it.

At least it’s better than any movie in the disappointing trilogy. jurassicworld.

65: On the brink of extinction

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