8 curiosities that perhaps you did not know about Paul Mescal, nominated at the Oscars 2023

If you saw the series at the time normal peopleYou are probably already in love with him. If not, maybe in 2021 you will meet him in the movie directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal the dark daughter or that you have recently discovered thanks to aftersunthe film directed by charlotte wells which, in an ode to memory, narrates the holidays of a young father and his 11-year-old daughter.

At 27 years old, Paul Mescal He does not have an extensive filmography behind him, but he has done little to become one of the most promising actors of his generation. Proof of this is that only his second film was enough to qualify for one of the greatest recognitions in the film industry, the Oscar nomination for best leading actor, along with Hollywood icons such as Brendan Fraser, Colin Farrell either Bill Nighy.

Waiting to meet the winner of the 95th edition of the awards, which will take place in Los Angeles next March 12we compiled some curiosities about the actor to celebrate his first Oscar nomination.

His life in photographs

It seems that the actor does not like to show himself in photographs, since he does not even have an official Instagram account. At least not one to hang yourself on. In this sense, he prefers to be behind the cameras and, specifically, behind his Nikon FM1, with which he explained in an interview for G.Q. who likes to “take pictures of the people I love. It’s like an album, like documenting my life“.

On the Instagram account @bigbreadpedlarthe actor shows us a little bit of that album, and in it we find portraits of fellow professionals such as Andrew Scott or her fictional daughter in aftersunthe actress Frankie Corio. “It’s actually an excuse to take pictures of my friends,” she admitted.

A potential soccer player

His first choice was not always to be an actor. There was a time, years ago, when it seemed that the name of Paul Mescal was going to be famous, but not in the entertainment industry, but in the world of sports. The son of a high school teacher and a police officer, during his adolescence, the actor was a player for Kildare and the Maunooth GAA Club, which for many is equivalent to the beginnings of a career as a professional soccer player. However, following a jaw injury, Mescal decided to quit the sport.

Trinity College Student

She discovered the world of acting with a school musical in which she performed at the age of 16, thanks to which she fell in love with the idea of ​​being on stage. “It became the one thing I really wanted to do, the thing I saw myself doing, something I really loved… It was what I saw devoting my life to“, he explained to G.Q.. It was then that she decided to study at the Lir Academy, in an acting course spun off from Trinity College. Before finishing her studies, in the last year, she was already acting in the theaters of Dublin.

Its beginnings, marked by the classics

His first big role as a professional actor was in the play The Great Gatsby, playing none other than Jay Gatsby himself at the Gate Theater in Dublin. This great debut was only followed by more successes on stage with roles in works such as The dream of a nigth of summer of Shakespeare or Portrait of the adolescent artist by James Joyce. His last work on stage was at the Almeida Theater in London, giving life to Stanley in the Tennessee Williams drama, A Streetcar Named Desire.

Paul Mescal as Stanley in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
Paul Mescal as Stanley in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’
Almeida Theater

Admiring Timothée

There are many times that Mescal has shared his admiration for Timothée Chalamet and their works in call me by your name (2017) or little women (2019), about which he stated in an interview for Backstage that “it’s amazing to see a movie like little womenSeeing actors my age work at that level consistently is really inspiring.”

Other actors he has expressed his admiration for include Marlon Brando in the law of silence (1954), Al Pacino in The Godfather (1972), Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson in story of a marriage (2019) or ryan gosling and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine (2010), which he considers his favorite film, as he stated in his pre-Oscar conversation for the abc.

Gene Kelly, his great obsession

But as the most fans of the interpreter will be able to confirm, if there is any actor with whom Mescal is completely obsessed, it is gene kellybecause there is no opportunity he misses to declare his fascination for the protagonist of Singing under the rain. In more than one interview, she has expressed her desire to star in a biopic about the actor, although he admits that the fact that he doesn’t know how to dance may play against him a bit.

Passion for music

What she does know how to do is play the piano and sing. His family is passionate about music and proof of this is his little sister, Nell Mescal, who already has two singles published and is currently on tour in England. On the internet runs a video of the actor with his sister singing something arrived which shows that, if he wanted to, he could also find a niche in the music industry.

Actually, there are many fans who would like Mescal to decide to exploit that other facet of his but, for the moment, it seems that we will have to settle for seeing him act in the movies. As he stated for G.Q.“For now, I’m going to focus on acting for a while. I love playing and of course it’s something I wouldn’t rule out. It’s not like I thought about it much either.”

video clip actor

Mescal has managed to combine his passion for music with his profession, and that is that the actor has been, on two occasions, the protagonist of video clips. In 2020, before becoming known worldwide, he appeared dancing drunk in a hotel room in the video clip for Scarlet of The Rolling Stonessomething that he himself has admitted is “very cool”.

But it is that, the same year, he also acted for what was his girlfriend at the time, Phoebe Bridgers —with whom he ended his relationship last January after 3 years of relationship—, giving life to the singer’s song Savior Complex. The video clip was directed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

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