8M: 7 female singers who have marked a before and after in the music industry

For a long time, music around the world has been led by great artists who have known how to show their talent in the best possible way., reaching a career that is marked by several successes. Today all these people have become great references, so many of their songs are not missing from your daily Spotify playlist.

If we go back several years we will be able to discover great jewels of music, which have been disappearing from the radio and, above all, from the current music industry. We are going to name some women artists who, during the last decades, have worked hard, regardless of any circumstance, to reach the benchmark position in which they are today: Lady Gaga, JLo, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna.


A dancer, actress, songwriter, businesswoman and icon to watch from the United States. She is known worldwide as The Queen of Pop. This artist accumulates a fairly high number of musical albums, in addition to several songs that have become a success such as ‘Material girl’ among many others.


A singer, actress, designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist who hails from Barbados. During several years in which she has dedicated herself to music, she has dared to mix various genres of the Caribbean with pop music, in order to reinvent her image as an artist.



Singer-songwriter, actress, director, designer and businesswoman. Undoubtedly this artist, like the others, has developed many facets. Not only as a singer but in other areas, what a madness!

Miley Cyrus

Singer, actress, songwriter, and producer for a record company in the United States. On March 10, 2023, her new project will be released on the streaming platform, Disney +. A documentary that receives the name of ‘Miley Cyrus: endless summer vacation’.


The artist from Barranquilla is a world trend in recent weeks after her break with her former partner Piqué. The Bizarrap Music Sessions and ‘TQG’ together with Karol G are some of the most viral songs that the artist has published after her breakup. She has made it clear to us that she is an empowered woman with everything to win.


Currently an actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, designer and businesswoman who comes from the United States, but of Puerto Rican origin. One of her latest projects released a few months ago is her participation in the film directed by Ben Affleck.

Lady Gaga

American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, activist, and fashion designer. One of her latest audiovisual projects in which she is currently immersed is the second installment of the hit film ‘Joker’. In this film the artist plays Harley Queen.

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