A 4-year-old girl saves her epileptic mother by calling 112 in Valencia.

Emergency Room 112 of the Valencian CommunityEurope Press

“My mother is not well, she needs help. She can’t speak and there’s something wrong with her.” This notice gave the emergency services a signal. four year old girl Noticing that his mother suffered from epileptic crisis. The CICU nurse kept in touch with the child by telephone, and shortly before the arrival of the CAMU, the mother made a partial recovery.

The events took place this Monday at 21:30, when an intervention was requested from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) to help a woman who had an epileptic seizure. place of residence in Valencia.

The nurse kept in touch with the girl

The call to the emergency service 112 was made by the driver. victim’s daughter, age 4who asked for help for her mother because “she couldn’t talk and something was wrong with her,” according to the notice, the CICU said in a statement.

A nurse from the CIC contacted the girl, who was able to explain in her own words how her mother was doing, and the SAMU department was immediately involved. The nurse kept in touch with the girl, and shortly before the arrival of SAMU, the mother partially recovered and was able to report that she was suffering from epilepsy.

The SAMU medical team that arrived at the scene treated a 32-year-old woman who had an epileptic seizure. Subsequently, she was transported by SVB ambulance to a hospital in Valencia.

CICU representatives took the opportunity to highlight the actions of this girl, who “realized the importance of what was happening and asked for help for her mother.” In addition, they stressed “the relevance of teaching children that in any emergency they should call 112 and tell what is happening in front of them in the best possible way.”

It’s a call that “stays with you for life”

The nurse who answered the call Mary Guinoexplained to Europa Press that this conversation is “one of those that will stay with you for the rest of your life, for the better”, while acknowledging that they put “crawl” each time you remember the sequence of events. It was for this reason that he wanted to applaud and emphasize the “strength of mind” of the little girl: “I would like to hug her and tell her how well she did.”

“We stood in line with the baby all the time, never to lose her and calm her down. She cried all the time. I asked her what happened to her mother, if she was conscious. She just told me: my mother is unwell, she needs help, an ambulance,” the nurse said.

“With some calmness, I told her: I’m Maria, the nurse, I’m not going to hang up,” she continues, and highlights the “relief” she felt when the little girl confirmed that her mother was indeed breathing. “We didn’t know what we were facing,” he said.

“In the end, it was just an epileptic seizure. But so that the girl knew about the emergency, picked up the phone and called 112, she came to me as a nurse. I would like to hug her and tell her how it happened. Well, she did it,” he said.

Finally, the health worker highlighted the “strength of mind” of a girl under four—“she even thanked us before hanging up”—“The emotional reward is brutal, it makes my hair stand on end every time I remember talking to a girl.

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