A La Plata doctor is accused in a case similar to Silvina Luna’s.

The similarities in these cases are frightening because they may suggest the same ending. In La Plata, a 43-year-old woman began aesthetic treatment at a clinic in the city center. This happened to the actress, model and dancer Silvina Luna. They used a product with unauthorized chemicals. and now he is going through health agonies that seem endless.

The La Plata victim is also named Silvina. The medical procedure was to improve the buttocks and He was injected with hydroxybenzene or “phenol” to prevent sagging and cellulite. A compound that has the same effect as the methacrylate they used on the moon. Changes in her general clinical condition began almost immediately and determined that the patient was practically unable to leave the house.

Silvina Bravo (now 46) had to quit her job, was left by her partner, is constantly visiting specialist doctors’ offices to try to reverse the effects of her practice, and for several days I can’t even walk.

When news of the death of the former Big Brother contestant became known, Silvina, a woman from La Plata, lost consciousness. “I felt the same thing would happen to me. I was terrified and couldn’t stop crying. “I’m going through a nightmare because of a doctor who turned out to be a monster,” Bravo admitted. Clarion.

legal action

The case also has a judicial reaction, as happened with the doctor Anibal Lototsky, responsible for the treatment of Silvina Luna.

Prosecutor Padovan investigated the case of a woman from La Plata.Prosecutor Padovan investigated the case of a woman from La Plata.

In the courts of La Plata, the prosecutor Fernando Padovan presented in oral court the case that is being conducted against the medical professional Viviana Andrea Soria, responsible for aesthetics and now charged with “wrongful bodily injury arising from professional negligence”. This is known as “malpractice.”

Padovan believed it was proven that the professional applied “a chemical called hydroxybenzene or phenol” to Bravo. without conducting or requesting preliminary researchin addition to the fact that the said product has not been authorized by national or international organizations (Anmat, FDA, European Economic Community and Mercosur resolution GTMC 62/14), emphasizing that the UN classifies it as a toxic substance of class 6.1.

Another analogy with the lunar tragedy. The substance Oviedo injected into Bravo similar to methacrylatea chemical that may have caused health complications for the model and resulted in her death on August 31, after a 79-day hospital stay at the clinic.

Methacrylate and hydroxybenzene (or phenol) are used in human aesthetic procedures, but they have completely different uses and properties, a pharmacologist explained Clarion.

As Padovan confirmed in official and party reports, Bravo “sustained various physical and emotional injuries.” After starting treatment, she began to experience severe sweating, inflammation throughout her body, pyogenic granulomas, hair loss, oral bleeding, eczema and red stretch marks, varicose veins, keloids, fluid in the liver, hemorrhoids and spinal dehydration. .

A patient who sued her doctor in La Plata for malpractice.A patient who sued her doctor in La Plata for malpractice.

“It was one shock after another. Daily suffering began. “It ruined my life,” Silvina Bravo told the newspaper.

Silvina decided her daily life when in November 2019 she decided to go to the center “Le Santé Aesthetic Medicine” on 3rd street between houses 56 and 57. She worked as a physical education teacher, a cyclist, had students and participated in tournaments held between 56 and 57 years old. GYM’s. “I wasn’t a bodybuilder, but we did choreography and skill-based stuff,” Bravo recalled.

That’s why he went to Soria. “I wanted to be treated by a doctor with higher education. Not the one who had a two-month course. That’s why I trusted her,” the woman said.

On one of his visits, Soria offered him “new process” to keep skin smooth and soft. These were microinjections of “hydroxylite endopile,” as the beauty center promoted it.

A few days after accepting the clinical procedure, problems began. It never ended. In February 2020, he already had the first symptoms: swelling of the buttocks, granulomas and other undesirable phenomena.

“Then the pandemic came and I couldn’t see her anymore. “He left me abandoned,” Silvina said. During that period of general restrictions, he had to turn to other medical professionals. Because of this, they prescribed various tests and treatments, but no one has been able to reverse the consequences that “still persists,” as written in the petition for a writ of habeas corpus against the doctor.

Victim’s attorney Dante Chirino also made a presentation at La Plata College of Physicians. The collegiate institution has since kept a report with the Ethics Court, which they say Clarion This is in the “master secret”. But Soria still has the right to practice this profession.

“The timing of these processes can be very lengthy and is almost always tied to the outcome of the trial,” the panel said.

The case has been going to trial since May of this year at the Guaranty Court of Agustín Crispo. This is still not decided.

Meanwhile, Soria continues to run an aesthetics institute in another sector of the capital Buenos Aires. “I want this to be known so that no one goes through the trauma that I went through because of this woman who never has to work again,” Bravo said.

The consequences caused by the use of this substance are irreversible, says Quirino’s lawyer in consultations.

Silvina Bravo will have to live with traces of this chemical spreading inside her body. They will continue to cause damage and debilitate health.

“I only have the presence of my grandchildren and my affection to support me to continue. When I can, I will take them to the square. Before I went to the gym, I spent the whole day doing sports, activities. Now I can only accompany them for a few blocks when they visit me. This is the only thing I can do,” Silvina finishes, and her voice breaks. He breaks away from the emotions and pent-up pain.

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