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A sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of Parkinson’s disease. At least that’s what Omar Rojas, 58, a San Juan native of Media Agua with amazing willpower, says.

Despite suffering from an illness for 15 years, he pulled ahead and improved his quality of life through long bicycle expeditions.

Now it’s time for a third trip, all aimed at raising awareness and making progress on a medium-sanctioned law that will expand health insurance and treatment for those who suffer from the disease.

Omar Rojas in La Quiaca. Ill since 2007.

On the 20th of this month, he will depart from La Pampa. He will pass through Realico and arrive in Bahia Blanca, according to his calculations, on Thursday the 24th or Friday the 25th, and he needs help with accommodation. It will then continue north.

“In order to make this journey, it is important that people can accept me, it is not easy to cope with all the expenses. That is why I leave my account and contact person waiting for people who can take me one night in Bahia,” he said.

Parkinson’s disease causes the death of certain brain cells that help control movement and coordination. The disease leads to agitation (tremor) and difficulty walking and moving.

Omar fights to make the disease visible and help other patients

“There is always a reason to go outside to improve the quality of life, and I found it on a bike, this is another medicine for me,” says Omar. Compass 24.

Widowed for five years, he is the father of boys: Gabriel, Matthias, Lucas, Facundo and Rodrigo. At the most critical moments of his illness, he lost his balance and needed a walker and a cane. “I was at the Posadas Hospital in Buenos Aires, and thanks to the treatment I am giving, I was able to recover and find stability again,” he says.

One way or another, he changes his attitude every day. “Sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy, I like cycling more and more and I think it helps my recovery.”

The journey that will take him to Bahia is carried out only with his backpack and an ardent desire to make the disease visible. For this reason, he is supported by the Argentine Parkinson’s Network and its members who follow him constantly.

Incredible arrival in Ushuaia. Everything can be achieved, warns

His first odyssey was made from Junin to San Martin de los Andes without financial support or sponsors.

“My stages were 140, 180 or 200 kilometers. Sometimes I can’t believe it myself, because at the worst times I fell and used a walker. Everything until I started cycling, which saved me, and this is my therapy, ”he admitted.

“I try to keep the disease paralyzed and that helps me and allows me to improve day by day. I couldn’t even drink through a straw and today I can practically manage on my own. All because I decided to double down,” he recalls.

The disease, he explains, is incurable, but there is a better quality of life if one pours out perseverance, will, and discipline. Omar is not a cyclist either. He defines himself as an adventurer and lover of life. This allowed him to go around the whole country from end to end.

“It took me 11 days from La Kiaki to San Juan. It was pride and it motivated me to always strive for more. I really like the reception in different cities, meeting people and helping the sick not to shut up, go outside and enjoy life. Everything can be achieved,” he says.

Always with your faithful bicycle companion

“I am setting an example so that many people can go out and improve their quality of life. The more kilometers I walk, the better for me. I try to motivate people to live, play sports, which is very important and helps to improve and move forward, like me, ”he said.

Omar is also a member of the Sarmiento Parkinson Association, where he helps and collaborates with patients suffering from this disease. He had previously made another trip that linked his city with the city of Junin de los Andes in Neuquen.

His mission of solidarity along the routes of Argentina was aimed at the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. And he achieves this.

“This third round is also meant to encourage the sick not to stay at home, not to self-isolate, keep going. My goal is intact, the law must come out. I am crazy about life and will leave everything, ”he concludes.

Together with other patients, teaching, encouraging, raising awareness

Step by step journey

The 6,173 km route, which Omar plans to complete from the 20th, includes: Realico, Hilario Lagos, Vertis, General Pico; day 2: General Pico, Metileo, Eduardo Castex, Winifreda and Santa Rosa; day 3, Santa Rosa, Luro Park, Ataliva Roca, Padre Buodo, Bernasconi, San Martin, Jacinto Araus and Villa Iris; fourth day, Villa Iris and white bay. Then he will go to Tres Arroyos, Necochea, Mar del Plata and Batan. The following days will be divided between Chascomus and General Guido before arriving in Buenos Aires. On the 12th he will arrive in Lobos, San Miguel del Monte and Las Flores. It will continue towards Rosario, Entre Rios, Santiago del Estero, Corrientes, Posadas and Puerto Iguazu. On the 46th day of the journey, he will arrive in Corrientes.

How to contact and help

Contact Omar Rojas: 2645 13-3068. Sberbank: 254578 50134028 / CBU: 011078543007850 1340283 Banco Nacion. Nickname: TORRE.TE.VELERO on behalf of Rojas Omar Fabian. Number: 20-17 21 15 16-1.

With Uniac, Governor of San Juan

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