A March with the big stars –

The premiere cinema on Movistar Plus+ in March arrives with Brad Pitt at the helm, accompanied by stars such as Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba, Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain, among many. Films of all genres and for all audiences, with creators such as Dennis Villeneuve, Alex Garland, Clio Barnard and Hong Sang-soo.

1.Buller train

From Friday the 3rd
Brad Pitt stars in this action movie with large doses of humor (a violent and very black humor) directed by David Leitch. The film follows a group of gangsters who meet on a high-speed train traveling from Tokyo to Marioka. Most of them don’t know each other and, supposedly, they have different objectives… but nothing could be further from the truth, since their missions intersect in ways that they don’t even suspect.
In the purest style of filmmakers like Tarantino, Bullet Train it is all action, with charismatic, satirical characters, explicit violence and a narrative structure with continuous time jumps.


Since Friday the 17th
First installment of the spectacular adaptation that Denis Villeneuve makes of the saga of cult science fiction novels Dune, written by Frank Herbert. Winner of the most important prizes for fantastic and science fiction literature, the novel was already brought to the big screen by David Lynch in 1984 with Kyle MacLachlan as the protagonist. On this occasion, Villeneuve brings together a well-known cast in which the names of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin stand out.

3. Between life and death

From Sunday 19
Antonio de la Torre puts himself in the shoes of Leo Castañeda, a Spaniard who works as a subway train driver in Belgium, who has just experienced the traumatic suicide of a young man on the subway tracks while he himself was driving. What he doesn’t know at that moment is that this young man is his son.

4. The Beast

From Friday the 24th
A thriller full of tension in which Idris Elba has to face the most deadly and bloodthirsty wild lion. The beast, Set in the South African savannah, it begins when a group of poachers attack a pride of lions, killing almost all of them… but leaving the deadliest alive. Shortly after, Dr. Nate Samuels (Elba) arrives in the area, along with his two daughters, so that the girls can see the land of his late mother. For this he has the collaboration of his friend Martin de él, the person in charge of the reserve where the dangerous lion roams.

5. Ali & Ava

From Tuesday 21
Clio Barnard directs this exciting British social film, nominated for Best British Film at the BAFTAs 2022, about two lonely people who find an unbreakable and healing bond in music. In it, a middle-aged Irish woman and a Pakistani man about to separate find in their relationship the means of salvation for their lives.

6. suro

From Sunday 26
Fipresci Award in San Sebastian 2022, suro is a rural drama in which Vicky Luengo and Pol López give life to a young couple whose principles are put to the test when they enter a world that is alien to them. Through the story of Helena and Iván, a couple who intend to build a new life in the cork oak forests that she has inherited, suro reflects on voracious capitalism, couple relationships distorted by role changes and the precariousness of farm workers.

7. Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Table

From Friday the 10th
Tadeo Jones is always a safe bet when looking for high doses of humor and great adventures for all audiences. Tadeo embarks on a new adventure to end the curse that haunts him and his friends. A trip around the world with which to demonstrate that he is a great archaeologist.
The emerald tablet this time becomes the villain of the film, “an object that manipulates thought, that brings out the worst in you, your worst fears,” according to its director. The film became the best Spanish premiere of the year in 2022. A figure backed by its advances, both technical and plot, in relation to the previous titles in the saga.

8. The Forgiven

From Saturday 18
Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain star in this twisted dramatic thriller based on Lawrence Osborn’s novel of the same name and directed by Jon Michael Mcdonagh. Finnes and Chastain play a wealthy couple, on the verge of divorce, who travels from London to Morocco to attend a lavish weekend party at a friend’s house, but everything goes wrong when a local youth is accidentally killed. The couple will have to face the consequences of this death, as well as the customs and values ​​of a society that is alien to them.

9. My God, but what have you done to us?

From Friday the 31st
The third film of the successful French saga started with My God, what have we done to you? continues with the politically incorrect humor, satire and clichés of its predecessors, a comedy formula that is never outdated and that made this third installment once again a great success. Claude and Marie Verneuil are about to celebrate 40 years of marriage. To celebrate, his daughters want to throw a big surprise party at the family home in Chinon… to which the families of their respective husbands (very Jewish, very African, very Oriental and very Muslim) are also invited. The messes and mistakes are served.

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