A movie will not change the world: Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel is direct about it: one movie is not going to change the world.

The French actor, who has stood out both in his country and in the international industry, currently presents the series Liaison, which addresses issues such as espionage and political intrigue; he has also acted in controversial stories such as Irreversible, about the brutal rape of a young woman; but he is not naive about the impact of his work.

“I am not trying to participate in projects that are political and social. I’ve been involved in projects because they were interesting when I came across them but it’s not a decision I make,” says the 56-year-old actor.

“I’m not trying to be social or political, in fact I think that when actors start making decisions like that they become boring because making movies is not about changing the world, please, it would be very naive to think that, there is no example of a film that has changed nothing”, he assures.

For the actor, at the end of the day, when a certain topic or problem is discussed, the important thing is how that story challenges the audience, what they think of the character and how they judge him or not.

Man of the world

Cassel is currently one of the leads in the thriller Liaison in which she shares credits with BAFTA winner Eva Green (Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children). This is the first series spoken in French and English on the Apple tv+ platform and it will have new episodes every Friday until its season finale on March 31.

In this regard, Cassel —who speaks French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian—, points out that, thanks to streaming platforms, more and more people are watching content from other countries when we had been “fed by images from the United States for a long time.” time”.

The actor, who has acted with characters who speak his language in films such as El odio (1995) or in English in El cisne negro (2010), also points out that his passion for learning about different cultures goes beyond his work as an artist. .

“My interest in the world and learning other languages ​​really has nothing to do with me as an actor. I think it’s only interesting for me, plus going and living in other places and learning other languages ​​gives you a better perspective on the world, of course, but also on your own country,” Cassel explains.

“I had to leave France and see it from afar to understand what it really is and I feel that I understand more of the mechanism of my country since I have been away. The thing is that the more you travel, the more your perspective of everything changes, the more languages ​​you speak it’s like being more and more flexible to understand, I guess, what we call culture”, she points out.

action packed

In the first episode of Liaison, Cassel’s character, an agent named Gabriel, accepted a mission to remove two Syrian hackers; Along with this, London received a series of cyberattacks. Now that the story that mixes the action of espionage with a love story has begun, as well as a reflection on how the mistakes of the past can destroy the future, Cassel’s character will be joined by that of Eva Green (Agent Alison), who was Gabriel’s partner and with whom he will work again.

“I wanted to make my character more French in the way that he’s casual about things, in that he doesn’t take anything seriously, but not in a British James Bond kind of way, but rather that he’s deeply responsible but he’s watching. how things work behind the curtains”, advances Cassel about his character.

“He is a dark and pessimist who has to play at being optimistic,” he details.

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