A Possible Dream has come under fire following the conviction of its real-life protagonist, Michael Oher.

famous ribbon possible dream, also called Blind areasuch as made Sandra Bullock an Oscar winner.is at the center of controversy because of its real-life protagonist, Michael Oher, told the American press that the whole story was “a lie”.

On August 14, the professional football retiree, now 37, presented lawsuit against the Tuohy Family, according to the portal CNN in Spanish. The former athlete is seeking compensation for the use of his life story as well as his name.

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It was also detailed that the family benefited financially by being classified as adoptive parents. when in fact, according to what he said, they weren’t.

The approximately 14-page lawsuit explains that the family became rich thanks to player score due to his interesting life storyit is even claimed that they received $225,000 and 2.5% of gross income at the box office after selling the rights to the book to Hollywood.

Michael Oher, on the other hand, would not have received any financial benefit unlike the familywho approached the player “when offers started coming in from the university because of his talent in football”.

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Sean Tuohy, known as a sportscaster and father of the family, He announced the news, which was a slap in the face for his group. Oher’s guardianship was an NCAA requirement to facilitate his signing with University of Mississippi.


“It’s very sad to know that our goal was to make money with any of our children, but we will love Michael at 37 as much as we loved him when he was 16.”

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