A scene from Mission: Impossible 7 that caught the attention of the director of one of the most successful action games on the Playstation.

Less than a week ago, Mission: Impossible: Death Sentence. Part 1 was released worldwide and was very well received by both the box office and critics. Return Tom Cruise how Ethan Hunt captivated the audience but made an even bigger impression on the video game director.

We are referring specifically to Bruce Straley, the main director of the Uncharted saga and the first The Last of Us, who commented on a very special scene that can be seen in the film. In this scene, we see Hunt and his partner boarding a train that is about to fall off a cliff, which Straley compared to the opening scene of Uncharted 2, in which Nathan Drake he must escape in a very similar scenario.

Through personal account Twitter, the director compared the images of the game and the film and left a very curious phrase: “… the most sincere form of flattery!”. No doubt this scene could be a clear homage to the second part starring Nathan Drake for the PlayStation 3.

Several times Naughty Dog mentioned that one of the main sources of inspiration for creating names unknown It was a combination of Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible. As an example, a scene from the third part has already been compared with a scene from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, in which Cruz gets into a flying plane. The feedback between these two sagas has led to standout moments in both the video game industry and the film industry, where the show is the protagonist in this type of work.

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