A sci-fi movie that took 20 years to make but is one of the best ever

In 2012, he released a remake, which he did not like too much.

I kiss the ground that Paul Verhoeven treads on. That’s how clear I tell you. It seems to me a blessing that we still have one of the most transgressors, irreverent and contrary to the currentable to release in the middle of 2021 the same caustic, hooligan and heretical film as Benedettawhich, for those who haven’t seen it yet, is about a lesbian nun who tends to share a bed with novices.

Not so long ago, this restless donkey who loves to tease the staff walked around Hollywood studios and performed with blockbuster after blockbuster. Yours, let’s not forget two type cucumbers Robocop And The basic Instincttwo fundamental games to help understand the Hollywood industry and the transition between the 80s and 90s.

Between the two films, after the huge success of the robot cop film, suggestions for the science fiction genre rained down on Verhoeven. And precisely, he continued in it, like a fish in water: it was about adaptation of a cult story writer, also cult, Philip K. Dick, General task.

However, its adaptation did not take place in one day. Let’s just say it took a little longer to come true. Nothing, 20 years. And the fact is that already in the 70s, among the studies, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200btransferring history into cinema was suspected. We can remember it for you in bulkwritten in 1966. However, the project turned out to be too ambitious. It passed from hand to hand, from studio to studio, and no one dared to finance it.

However, time passed, and the project fell into the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in his memory the day he saw Robocop, a film that deeply influenced him. It was clear to him: if the project was carried out, then Verhoeven would have to lead it. Nobody else. And vice versa: Verhoeven I always wanted to work with Schwarzenegger.. So when the former bodybuilding champion sent him the script, he didn’t think twice.

In the end, although the review was met with mixed reviews among professional critics, it was a huge box office success, garnering over $260 million and entered the top five highest-grossing films of 1990. General task went on to become a highly influential film (“What is reality and what is a dream?”) and also allowed Verhoeven to meet Sharon Stone. He ended up giving her the lead role. the basic InstinctBut that is another story.

If you want to see again General task (because we assume you’ve already seen it, right?, RIGHT?) It’s available on Prime Video, Movistar Plus+ and Filmin. Not for lack of options.

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