A shellfish collector denounces the danger posed by Portuguese shellfish sold as Galician: “It’s an organized mafia.”

“We know… in fact last week they took a private car from six bags of clams“, condemned Clemente Bastos, the main patron of the Redondela brotherhood until Alberto Chicote in 2019. clam he meant was from PortugueseAlthough sold as Galician. “Imagine there are health issues,” he commented in Are you going to eat it? In particular, 6 bags of 20 kg. Japanese clams caught in the Tagus in Lisbon.

Six years ago, he himself went to Portugal to see firsthand what the process of fishing is like. “It was near Puente Nuevo, there was a small beach, and there were 400 people fishing for shellfish. Loaded and loaded, and everything begins and begins. There was no control“, – he said. “They organized mafia And they are not stupid either. They take the car in front to see if there are controls. One allows himself to be caught so that the other passes through the other side, ”he explained.

This product comes to Spain at a much lower price than the national one. “Less than half of ours.” Chicote was thinking about the ways in which this cargo can follow already within our borders. “The only thing I can think of is to go straight to legal treatment plant and come out with new papers,” the cook thought. “I already believe everything,” the mollusk confirmed.

In the case of shellfish, this is a serious violation of the law, which is also harmful to public health. “This can cause very serious problems. In someone it can cause gastroenteritis, but in another, when he catches it wrong, he will launch it forward.

“Food products must be strictly controlled because they play with people’s health,” said Clemente Bastos. “And if someone buys and thinks it’s Galician…” began the cook. “… The consequences are paid by us,” the chief confirmed. “If there is intoxication from one of our products, Galician, shellfish, at the market level, it could sink us“.

The content to which the information relates is part of the 2019 program that LaSexta re-released this Thursday.

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