A shocking theory about one of the characters left fans speechless

está manifesto available on netflix

Manifesto available on Netflix – Photo: @El País – Uruguay

Series Manifesto (manifesto) premiered in 2018 in NBK and, on the brink of cancellation, it landed on Netflix and became one of the video giant’s most successful products. streaming. Created by Jeff Reikhis latest episode is out 2 June and within a few weeks it was one of the most viewed on the platform. Faced with its unsettling twists, the theories surrounding passengers flight 828 They don’t stop appearing among fans and, lately, new speculation about the character Zeke Landon played by Matt Long.

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191 passengers Flight 828 Montego Air They seek an explanation for their landing in New York five and a half years later than expected after a pleasant holiday in Jamaica. Each of them had a reason why they chose a secondary flight, such as Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh)who intended to delay the response to a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Jared Vasquez (JR Ramirez). A decision that, though they didn’t know it, changed their lives forever.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

But what happened to Zeke’s character? Matt Long He won the hearts of the audience thanks to the small screen, charisma and generosity that distinguished a man who almost froze to death on a mountain. Despite playing a minor role, Landon became relevant when He gave his life for Cal Stone (Ty Doran). at the end of the first part of the fourth part. “Zeke took this is an incredibly selfless and powerful decisiontragedy, self-sacrifice,” Reik said in an interview television lineas noted Trade.

Matt Long and Jack Messina on the set of Manifesto

Matt Long and Jack Messina on the set of Manifesto. Credits: @Instagram: realmattlong

He also elaborated, “I explained to him why it was so important to the series and he understood it. He gave us an amazing performance“. But Michaela’s husband kept popping up in the former cop’s mind. “Zeke’s death won’t necessarily stop two lovers like them from Find a way to communicate somehow.”added creator.

Matt Long played Zeke in Manifesto

Matt Long played Zeke in Manifesto. Credits: @Instagram: realmattlong

The power contained in Zeke, who had the ability feel other people’s emotions and even alleviate them in some casesmade it possible to save Cal. But why did Zeke have powers if he never became a passenger on Flight 828? The theory that went beyond the portal vaderpointed out that when Landon’s body died momentarily, frozen on the mountain, he will return only his body. For this reason, he tried to feed on the feelings of others without having his own.

The final scene that was removed from Manifesto.

After the premiere end ManifestoJune 2 Jeff Rake shared clip via his Twitter account detailing a scene removed from the Netflix series. In it, the pilot of Flight 828 appeared in the cockpit and got an unattractive ending. “In case you thought we forgot about (Bill) Daley“, he pointed out.

Regarding the fans’ question about why the scene was removed from the final chapter, the creator clarified: “We felt like the happy ending worked on its own.. So we decided to save this moment.”

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