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Digital worlds burst onto the tech landscape a couple of decades ago, but it wasn’t until 2021 that they reached their peak. At the end of that year, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg changed its name from Facebook to Meta and announced that it would invest millions in the development of a platform where virtual and augmented reality technologies would converge.

In this regard, analyst Benedict Evans said that “if there is anything else after smartphones, Facebook wants to be an owner, not a tenant.” At the same time, the truth is that the potential of the metaverse is still expanding and the company that owns Instagram and WhatsApp is not the only one aware of these advantages.

An example of this are the concerts organized within the Fornite game, by Epic Games, and digitally starred by the singer Ariana Grande or the rapper Travis Scott. More than 12 million players have been gathered in real time from that computing environment to witness the performances.

For his part, Bob Chapek, executive director of Disney, assured that the multimillion-dollar corporation is preparing a virtual reality project designed to “extend the magic of our parks to all homes.” In addition, in the metaverse there are many bets towards business and educational development. Infinite Office (Meta) and Microsoft Teams, owned by Bill Gates, are proof of this. The objective of both initiatives is to “offer virtual spaces for events, meetings and opportunities for networking”, according to the BBC.

Already in 2012, Raymond Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, predicted that “by the end of 2030 we will spend more time in the metaverse than in real life.” To the extent that this statement materializes, throughout this decade, the need to have professionals trained to fully exploit all their communication, recreational, financial and technological potential becomes imperative.

TECH Technological University is one of the most up-to-date pedagogical entities on this transformative process. The entity has among its goals to offer students innovative and disruptive content on the field of Information Technology. For this reason, it has integrated and launched a new Master’s Degree under the title of Management in the Metaverse.

A tailor-made Master from the online learning platform

For this degree, TECH is committed to generating specialized knowledge on Web 3.0. Thus, it includes in its agenda the tools and components currently available for the creation of metaverses. In particular, it examines the importance of the Blockchain as a governance model within these virtual environments. Likewise, this program is ideal for computer scientists who want to know the use and impact of decentralized finance and monetization channels on digital platforms.

However, one of the fundamental axes of this Master in Management in the Metaverse deals with its implications for the evolution of the video game industry. From this program, graduates will be able to implement the GameFi concept in their daily professional practice and implement synergies between virtual worlds and e-Sports. In turn, it also explores the strategies and structures that Marketing can use in these new digital contexts.

TECH programs are supported by a 100% online learning methodology that is not subject to restricted schedules or strict evaluation schedules“

To guarantee a holistic mastery of these areas, TECH implements its own academic methodology. This is Relearning, a 100% online learning system, based on repetition as a means to organically strengthen the core themes of the program. Through it, students reiterate key concepts between 8 and 16 times within the same lesson.

In addition, TECH uses the Harvard case method for this program. This pedagogical strategy is based on generating simulations of situations that could occur during the daily practice of any professional, as well as the most effective ways to solve them. In this way, the student obtains concrete practical skills to be able to assume the most diverse complications.

Regarding this educational aspect, William Ellet of the Harvard Business Review, expressed that “they give the student the opportunity to really think and apply the knowledge they learn in classes and study books in real situations, as well as produce solutions and conclusions.”

At the same time, the guide of this program will be in charge of a faculty of wide prestige and experience. In choosing him, his professional results and experiences have been very present. Based on this careful search, TECH added the best experts to a distinguished faculty that already has more than 4,000 professors, academics, and other visiting professors.

TECH, an urgent option for university improvement

This Master in Management in the Metaverse is part of a much broader catalog of programs that already has around 10,000 titles. These trainings are distributed in about twenty faculties with topics of Education, Medicine, Sports Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and others.

In this sense, and due to the high academic level of TECH, the university has achieved, in less than a decade of experience, numerous endorsements that ratify its high quality standard. One of the most recent was awarded by the NBA, recognizing it as its official online university for its wide variety of “exclusive programs focused on the health, sports and business fields.”

TECH has the endorsement of prestigious institutions such as the NBA. In addition, Forbes magazine has listed it as the “largest digital university in the world”

Likewise, the TECH tour has seen a significant boost of late. The Financial Times magazine recognized it as “one of the 200 fastest growing European companies” in the last 6 years. As a result of these figures, Forbes classified it as the “largest digital university in the world”.

Finally, it should be noted that the employability percentages, after completing a TECH program, are among the highest in the academic panorama. An official survey by the KMPG consulting firm found that “99% of the graduates of this university find a job in less than a year.” Currently, more than 500,000 students from 150 countries around the world appreciate their 100% online learning methods for having found a job that is most demanding and competitive.

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