Above Kane? Bukayo Saka is the best player in England

Bukayo Saka won the England Player of the Year award.

Bukayo Saka was once again highly praised as he now received the award. England Player of the Year Award after his outstanding level at Arsenal and the national team.

Saka He raised the award for the second time since he also won it in the 2021-2022 campaign.

The podium was completed by Jude Bellingham in the second box, and Ithird place went to Harry Kane. According to the specialized press, Saka was among the contenders for the prize, but Huracan had the best chances for him.

This is the second difference in less than 10 days for a 22-year-old footballer. He also won the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

Bukayo played ten games for the Three Lions and shocked network seven times in the last season. Three of those seven goals came at the 2022 World Cup, plus a hat-trick against Macedonia, where England won 7-0 in Euro 2024 qualifiers.

While the numbers are almost level with Arsenal, he made 38 Premier League appearances, starting 37 of them. scored 14 goals, gave 11 assists and had the highest cumulative team score according to FotMob: 7.68.

This showcases the player’s growth over recent years, allowing him to earn a position with both Gareth Southgate in the international team and Arteta in the London national team.

What did Bukayo Saka say after receiving the award?

Despite receiving this award, the goal of the player is to improve their records for the year. He wants to be the best in every competition he competes in. both at club and national level.

“It’s 100%. I always strive for improvement and progress every season. I hope for more this year.”

– said the player at a press conference.

In 2023-2024, his numbers show that he has already started the engines. It has four games in the English leagueIn total in the starting lineup and scored two goals with an assist.

has the best score at Arsenal from 8.28, is tied for first place in goals with Nketiah. He is also third in assists, just one behind the leader: Gabriel Martinelli.

“I think it’s about striving to get better, so obviously it takes a lot of me: listening, watching videos, practicing hard every day and extra work to try and stay the same.”


Now he will try to improve his results in the England team. Competitions will begin on Saturday, September 9, when he will visit Ukraine for the fifth stage of the Euro 2024 qualifying tournament. will fight Scotland also as a guest.

It’s no secret that after Euro 2020, Saka went through difficult moments, especially as he failed one of penalty in the final against Italy. After this strike, the striker raised his level to the current one.

“When something didn’t work out, I stopped thinking, worked harder and set some goals for myself to achieve. I started with that and worked hard to reach them. Every year I try to keep progressing and improving.”


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