Accessories for guests 2023: why the shawl is the Y2K trend that you will take to all your events

We have seen it to our grandmothers, mothers and numerous celebrities on red carpets for years, becoming one of the most used guest accessories of all time. Reviled and branded as outdated in recent decades –many of us have come to think that it was a thing of the past– the timelessness and versatility inherent in this piece have managed to elevate it, once again, to the category of trend. And, if we talk about accessories for weddings this 2023, the verdict is clear: the shawl is back.

Made in various fabrics such as cotton, lace, silk or wool, this accessory became an essential garment for weddings and events in Europe in the 19th century. Either as a warm garment or as an ornament, it was placed in various ways, bringing elegance to guest outfits for more than a century.

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And so on until the exuberant 2000s, a decade that is marking a new generation in terms of style that has not hesitated to reinvent this piece under the halo of Y2K -the tendency to dress as in the two thousand-. His inspiration? You just have to take a brief look at the newspaper library: Gylnew Paltrow, Penélope Cruz or Angelina Jolie are some of the Hollywood stars who wore this accessory in their day and now serve as a reference when choosing the looks perfect for a special occasion.

how did they handle it

Above the elbows (a true classic)

Steve Granitz

Gwyneth Paltrow

It is the option that has it all. Allows you to get the most out of your looks at the same time as covering you if it’s a little cold, all without neglecting its elegance. How to get the red carpet look of Penélope Cruz or Gylnew Paltrow? Cover your arms with the shawl, starting from the back and leaving the shoulders free. You will be stunning.

Casual, covering the wrists

For those who prefer to wear their shawl in a less formal way, you just have to wrap it around the wrists -as if it were a bracelet- letting the fabric do the rest, falling on both sides and endowing the looks one touch glamorin true Hollywood style.

Around the neck

If what you want is to contribute a different touch to a simpler dress –or not carry the shawl by hand– this option is ideal. It is enough to choose an elongated shawl and a fine fabric, preferably silk, and wrap it around the front of the neck, letting the ends fall back. In this way you will get an effect chocker like Halle Berry or Jennifer Aniston.

as a cape

In its most different version, the shawl is perfect for covering yourself if the occasion -or the temperature- requires it. The ideal is to choose a semi-transparent fabric so as not to detract from what you are wearing underneath. Starting with an elongated shawl, it covers the neck and shoulders, to later add a brooch or a knot at the back to hold it.

wrapping both shoulders

A true classic, use the shawl to cover the shoulders to the elbows. Either by leaving the ends loose at the front, or by using a clasp to free the arms. Perfect if, how Winona RyderDo you want to show off a more striking neckline?.

How to choose the perfect shawl

The first thing to keep in mind is that the shawl is a leading accessory -since it will be one of the most visible pieces of your outfit-, so you can’t leave it as a last minute purchase.

Leaving this clear, the first thing to address is the choice of color, for which you have to take into account the shades of the dress or outfit that you have chosen for the occasion and thus assess whether to use a shawl in the same tone or experiment with a contrasting one. Remember that, in the same way, the accessories must go to the game. Another decisive factor is the fabricespecially in relation to the way you want to wear it -if you choose to wear it as a layer, the key is to choose a silky and transparent fabric-.

Next, we highlight the best shawls from our selection of accessories for guests:

Metallic silk shawl, by MR Complements

Metallic silk shawl, by MR Complements

Shawl with bow, by Molly Goddard

Shawl with bow, by Molly Goddard

Donatzelli silver shimmer shawl

Donatzelli silver shimmer shawl

Banarassi navy blue silk shawl

Banarassi navy blue silk shawl

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