Adam Levine bought a luxury car that would have been counterfeited

The controversial singer of the American band Maroon 5, Adam Levinesued a luxury car dealership, as it would have been scammed with a vehicle exchange. The interpreter demands more than a million dollars in compensation.

It turns out that the vocalist is a renowned collector of classic cars and this time he was looking for a Maserati Ghibli Spyder SS. To achieve this, he decided to deliver two Ferraris, but the company with which he made the deal would have delivered an illegitimate version.

Specifically, Levine sued the seller rick colesince he would have sold him a vehicle, valued at 850 thousand dollars (about 708 million Chilean pesos) which, apparently, would have the same chassis number as another car with the same characteristics located in Europe.

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A car with a history

According to Motor Pasión, the Maserati in question “was withdrawn from an auction in 2015 after serious doubts arose about its authenticity”, information that would have been hidden by the dealer during the transaction.

Along the same lines, the lawyers representing Levine allege that “someone tried to make the vehicle look authentic by reproducing or stamping a new license plate to make the writing more like the original, in an attempt to convince the buyer that the vehicle was #1241,” the site notes.

Up to now, the case is being investigated by the US courts and it is expected that the media case will be resolved in the coming months.

What are the demands of Adam Levine?

The lawsuit exposed by the singer accused of falsehood, fraud and breach of contract to Cole, for which he demands the cancellation of the transaction; or, an indemnity of 850 thousand dollars (more than 700 million Chilean pesos).

If he wins the process, Cole would also have to pay the costs of the Maroon 5 leader’s lawyers.

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