Adam Levine reveals if he will pass down the Maroon 5 legacy to his daughters

At the moment, Adam Levine He is living new beginnings, since it all started last January with the birth of the third baby he shares with his wife. Behati Prinsloobut also with the new tour he has in Las Vegas, which is a residence with which he will replace Adele.

And it is that after Adam Levine had to go out to speak in public about the alleged infidelity towards Behati, everything seems to indicate that he is now enjoying this new stage to the fullest, since his family has not left him alone, but his three offspring and his wife have accompanied him to this life of rock star with their shows in the city of sin.

But, he is also worried about the future, as revealed in an interview he had with the medium ‘E! News’, where he confessed that he is aware that, at some point in his life, he will not be able to continue with the band, which has led him to wonder if he will leave the legacy to his daughters, Dusty Rose6 years old, and Gio Grace5, or the new baby, whose sex and name are unknown.

“I told them they could take over if they wanted, because at some point I’ll be too old,” Adam began. However, the girls, seeing the lifestyle their father leads and the one they have led as the daughter of a celebrities international, have refused their parent’s offer.

“So far they have said no,” Adam Levine revealed, making it clear that the girls are not interested in inheriting the legacy of Maroon 5, one of America’s most iconic music bands.

“I don’t think they want all that heat. They want to grow up, have a normal life”, argued the interpreter of ‘Sugar’. However, while his father leaves the band and continues to offer concerts, the little ones will continue to accompany him along with his mother and the new member of the family that has remained a mystery.

Through an Instagram post, Behati Prinsloo showed that the whole family was in the first Show from the Maroon 5 residency in Las Vegas, so it was possible to see her in the seats near the stage with her offspring, who were fitted with headphones that cancel outside noise to take care of their ears.

In it post, Behati Prinsloo also shared the first image of her new baby, although she left the mystery of whether it is a girl or a boy, since she only showed a part of her tiny body. Although, it is worth mentioning that they were not the only relatives at the opening show, but also Adam’s father, Fredric Levinewho was sitting in the audience.

“I didn’t expect to be this close to him when we went out. She was crying and being sweet. It was nice”, added the famous in his interview. It is estimated that the band will be in Las Vegas until next August.

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