Adam Levine was scammed after buying a counterfeit car for 708 million Chilean pesos

Adam Levine is in legal trouble after suing a luxury car dealership for fraudsince he assures that they sold him a duplicate car and demands a millionaire figure for compensation.

The Maroon 5 leader exchanged two Ferraris with a company for a Maserati Ghibli Spyder SS, because he is a collector of classic vehicles and was looking for this model.

However, Levine realized that his new car had the same chassis number as a copy from Europe, that is why he is suing the seller Rick Cole.

Background of the Maserati

As a result, Motor Pasión revealed information about the Maserati and said that “was withdrawn from auction in 2015 after serious doubts were raised about its authenticity”.

This information was not in Levine’s possession prior to exchanging his assets for the vehicle in question.

For their part, the lawyers claim that “someone tried to make the vehicle look authentic by reproducing or stamping a new plate to make the writing more like the originalin his attempt to convince the buyer that the vehicle was #1241.”

Yes ok American justice is already investigating the case, there is no certainty of what will happen.

Levine’s Requests

It is necessary to remember that the controversial singer sued the concessionaire for misrepresentation, fraud and breach of contract and also, he demanded in compensation that he be compensated with 850 billion dollars and the annulment of the transaction.

Besides, Rick Cole will have to pay the singer’s lawyers if the trial fails in his favor.

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