Add-on bows have become the hottest beauty trend

Do you remember those accessories you used to wear in your hair going to school? Well, we are pleased to announce that bows are back and yes, today it is one of the most versatile and coolest trends. We’ll talk a bit about their return and show you different ways to style them, get ready to bow!

The return of bows is a new fashion trend

Let’s go back to the beginning first. This bowknot trend was revived after this year’s New York Fashion Week, when we saw designers like Sandy Liang (Queen of Bows) using this accessory as an accent in her collection, which was also brilliantly recreated and served as inspiration for all those who love bows.

For this already iconic look, you’ll need mini bows (or cut the ribbon and make a bow out of them, You know) in your preferred color; once you have them ready, stick them with adhesive tape, spreading them over your hair, you can use two mirrors, one on the front and one on the back, so you can see how they are placed.

Something we highly recommend is combing your straight hair so it’s easier to tape it and keep the bows visible and shiny.

If you have long hair, you can create hairstyles like a bun using your hair. The sky is the limit!

Also this season, we could see them in the collections of other designers who have gone even further. For example, this Simone Rocha collection uses red bows under the eyes and the love for this look was so great that we got to see it off the runway as well as it became one of our favorite instagram filters created by @kyo_p so here we can already using them, we love it!

And after we saw this trend on the runways, we also saw it on our favorite celebrities on the red carpet, many of them at this year’s Met Gala, like Sydney Sweeney, Emily Ratajkowski and Karlie Kloss. On the other hand, he also mixed with other trends, such as coquette; where the aesthetics are very feminine, delicate and coquettish.

For example, we can also see our newlywed Barbara Palvin looking gorgeous, and have you seen the bow? It completes the look, makes it look elegant, glamorous and charming. Here’s more on how celebrities wear them:

The best thing about this trend is that it’s super accessible and easy to use as you like, the colors we’ve seen the most are black and white because they are classics and look classy, ​​but you can do it with the color you prefer. Whether in braids, in braids, in buns or loose, you can achieve any look that will make Sandy Liang feel the most proud.

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