Adding magnesium to your diet can bring you great benefits: what is it?

Doctors emphasize the great benefits of eating this element in a diet rich in seeds, grains and green leaves. Photo: Spec.

Magnesium is an essential chemical element for the proper functioning of any living cell, so it Health experts recommend adding it to your daily diet. significantly improve the quality of your life.

This plugin can be found at green vegetables, whole grains, seeds, avocados, milk, beans and various other products. However, you can also find it on the market in tablet form, which gives you control over your intake as the recommended dosage is 4.00 to 420 mg for men and 310 to 320 for women..

These amounts go a long way in keeping your entire body in peak condition, but the main organs that benefit are the heart and brain, so this is important.

Ideally, look for magnesium in your food, but you can also get it through supplements. HEALTH EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY PROVIDED BY HELLOFRESH

According to the specialized health portal Heathline, when it reaches directly the main organs of the body, its effect is reflected in decrease in blood pressurehelps reduce triglycerides already cut cholesterolit means you are taking care of your heart from some kind of heart disease.

On the other hand, magnesium helps foods to be properly processed by turning them into energy And protein it is important to be able to carry out our daily activities without any complications. It is even highly recommended for athletes and people doing heavy physical work because it acts as a sugar converter and protects the muscles, preventing them from atrophy and fatigue.

This chemical element is also It is very useful for the skeletal system, as it strengthens the bones. of those who consume it regularly, avoiding fractures or diseases such as osteoporosis, due to this it is recommended to help the elderly.

Doctors recommend including foods high in magnesium in your diet to stay healthy. Photo: Gettyimages

One of its little-known functions is to help in the fight against depressionHe insomnia And anxiety as it helps to improve the mood of those who use it. It also helps Headache and reduces migraine in large part because this condition is associated with a deficiency of magnesium in the body, so it is recommended to consume it on a regular basis, both in natural form and in capsules.

As if the above wasn’t enough, in the case of women, good levels of magnesium in the body can help reduce exposure. Colic and terrible Premenstrual syndrome.

Although regular administration of magnesium to the body provides tremendous benefits, the American Mayo Clinic indicated that high doses are associated with abdominal cramps, diarrhea and nauseatherefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor so that he can prescribe the required amount for you.

Excessive amounts are harmful, so if you consume more than recommended, you should contact your doctor to tell you how much you need. Photo: Kristin Klose/dpa

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