Adele couldn’t hold back her tears and burst into tears after revealing the gender of two fans’ baby: Adele burst into tears after attending a “gender reveal” at her Las Vegas show | Trends | LOS40 Colombia

During his show in Las Vegas Adele he couldn’t contain his joy when a pair of fanswho were in the audience he asked him to support them with the revelation of his son’s gender.

The request that the English singer received was through the banner held by Shantelle Lord and her husband Chris Darein the middle of their concert, where they asked for cooperation.

“Adele, will you reveal our gender?”the couple asked the British artist.

In this way, the New York couple managed to catch the interpreter’s attention ‘Someone like You’ at his concert in Colosseum in the Palace of Caesars.

According to the newspaper Marca, the English artist saw the poster and asked fans to approach her. while disclosing the gender of her child publicly.

The Lord confessed to Adele she was 18 weeks pregnant and that despite the fact that they had the result four weeks ago, They decided not to go out with him under the illusion that she herself would tell them at the party.

tears of emotion

As the couple approached the stage, Adele received an envelope with an intriguing reply and he took it upon himself to reveal the news to the couple and their audience with a loud shout.

“Shantelle and Chris are having a boy!”

With a warm embrace winner of over 10 Grammy Awards congratulated the future parents and she shed a few tears after the emotional moment the couple went through.

Faced with this situation, Adele asked the Lord what if she became pregnant, it would help her reveal the baby’s gender. As expected, the mother-to-be answered with a loud “yes” without hesitation.

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