Adele joins Shakira to attack Gerard Piqué and she has shown it

The famous 34-year-old British singer, Adelemade it more than clear to whom he dedicates his support in the recent controversy that has Shakira with her ex-husband Gerard Piquélately he is very aware of the successful releases of the Colombian artist.

In an interview last Saturday, Adele commented that she had been watching the Jimmy Fallon show, where Shakira appeared with bizarre to sing his musical session for the first time in public «Music Sessions #53«. Which was so successful, that it resonated intensely in the Anglo-Saxon public, since the English translation of this song was not expected after surpassing hits with the enormous number of reproductions it obtained in its first days.

“I saw her performance last night with Jimmy Fallon… oh her ex-husband is in trouble”

The support for Shakira by the British singer was not perceived as a strange gesture, since Adele has also gone through similar moments and understands the empowerment and self-improvement feminine that is transmitted through the lyrics of these songs.

After Adele’s comment towards Shakira’s presentation went viral on social networksmany of the followers of both artists began to ask for a collaboration between the two singers, which at the moment could be seen a little complicatedbut not impossible.

Here you can see Adele’s reaction:

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