Al-Riyadh and Al-Ittihad lineups for the Saudi League clash.

This Thursday, August 24, a meeting was held between Al Riyadh And Al Ittihad in that Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadiumwhich corresponds to the 3rd day Saudi Professional League.

During Date 2 Al Riyadh visited Damakas a result of which the score was 2:2. Saleh al-Abbas He managed to overtake his detachment with a double, but on the other hand, Abdullah Al Ammar A double was also sent to close the match. As a result, the Riyadh team ended up in eighth place in the table with four units.

On the other hand, the Tigers won 2-0. Al Tai with so many Moroccans Abderrazak Hamdallah And Saleh Al Amri. Thus, the people of Jeddah added their second victory in a row and became the leader of the tournament with six points.

Changing the subject, the Arab press reported that the Portuguese Pedro Jota was able to leave the club barely a month after arrival. Allegedly, there is dissatisfaction between the fans and the management that they brought a player “without a zodiac sign.” Actually the newspaper “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” said that the general atmosphere at the club was “prevailed by tension” due to the instability of the position of foreign players and it seems that the departure of Jota is the first step in an attempt to calm the atmosphere, but the Portuguese could join the Brazilian goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe and Egyptian Tariq Hamed, with the latter agreeing upon arrival at Al Veda.

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Goalkeeper: Martin Campagna – The Uruguayan has been making saves in the Arab League for three years, although he was with Al-Batin at first, and now he is defending three posts for the red-black team.

Defence: D. Arslanagich – Belgian-Bosnian appears in the center. He is another of the league’s recent players, although he hails from the United Arab Emirates.

Defender: Ahmed Asiri – The Arab defender is 31 years old. This season, he wore a red and black jacket, as he played for Al Faisali in the previous championship.

Right back: Hussein Al Nuweki He started the first two games as a starter. In the same way he arrived in July after serving in Khalija.

Left back: Alin Tosca – Another signing of the club in July. The Romanian came from Benevento in Italy to lead the left flank.

Pivot: Birama Toure – Incredibly, the Malian has also become a reinforcement this season from French Auxerre.

Midfielder: Didier N’Dong – The Malian player will be accompanied by a Gabonese who also arrived in August after defending Dijon from France.

Right Midfielder: Ali Al Zakan “Because he is a natural right back, he has no problem playing in any position on this side. Just a few months ago, he was playing for Al Faiha.

Left Midfielder: Abdullah Al Khaybari – As well as on the opposite side, the Arab is able to prove himself very well in attacking the positions of the interior or the attacker. This is the club’s bet as it is its first team.

Forward: Saleh Al Abbas – The striker has just scored a brace, besides, he already has an assist in the tournament. He knows how to leave the territory in order to make his work more efficient.

Striker: Muson Knowledge “Unlike his attacking counterpart, the 33-year-old Zimbabwean can get even farther out of the box, trying to inflict damage and create play.

This is what Al-Riyadh would look like (4-4-2)

GoalkeeperStory by: Martin Campagna
protectionCast: D. Arslanagic, Ahmed Asiri, Hussein Al-Nuweki, Alin Tosca
midfieldersCast: Birama Toure, Didier N’Dong, Ali Al Zakan, Abdulala Al Khaybari
strikersCast: Saleh Al Abbas, Knowledge Musona

Goalkeeper: Marcelo Grohe – At the gate – a 36-year-old veteran with Brazilian and Italian citizenship. He already has two invincible goals and he is going to score more.

Defender: Omar Khavsavi “Another very field veteran. The defender is 37 years old, but so far he enjoys the trust of the Portuguese coach. Holy Spirit.

Defender: Ahmed Sharahili – The other person in charge of the central defense is a 29-year-old Arab who, with his height of 1.85 meters, makes the defense reliable.

Right back: Muhannad Al Shankiti – For three years in the team, the defender already knows everything. He also knows how to develop on the left flank.

Left back: Ahmed Bamasud – With a growth of only 1.69 meters, an experienced defender has already managed to make an assist in the tournament.

Midfielder: N’Golo Kante – The world champion has become one of the most vocal players in the Saudi League this season and his mission is to restore the trust of the board of directors who chose his services.

Rotary: Fabinho Tavares “Another one from Europe. The Brazilian said goodbye to Liverpool by changing into yellow and black. He also added his first assist in the competition.

Right winger: Romarinho da Silva – Since 2018, the Brazilian defends the cause of the institution. He knows how to move very well in every part of the court.

Left winger: Igor Coronado – With a Portuguese theme Pedro Jotait is likely that the Italian-Brazilian will again act as a striker.

Midfielder: Abderrazak Hamdallah – He usually plays as a center forward, but the coach put him in the midfield position to be a conductor. He will look to increase his scoring share after the double in the second match.

Forward: Karim Benzema “Obviously the man who has won almost everything with Real Madrid must be present to spearhead the attack. From the Frenchman, who has an assist in two matches, expect more.

This is what Al-Ittihad (4-2-3-1) lineup would look like

GoalkeeperStory by: Marcelo Grohe
protectionCast: Omar Khavsawi, Ahmed Sharahili, Mihannad Al Shankiti, Ahmed Bamasud
midfieldersCast: N’Golo Kante, Fabinho Tavares, Abderrazak Hamdallah
strikersCast: Romarinho da Silva, Igor Coronado, Karim Benzema.

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