Alessandra Aguirre is the Peruvian who captivated Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on “American Idol”

Alessandra Aguirre won the golden ticket in the singing competition. (instagram)

More and more Peruvians are succeeding abroad. This time the singer Alessandra Aguirre dazzled at the auditions for the new season of the hit show ‘American Idol’getting the long-awaited golden ticket, which will take her to participate in the next round in Hollywood, United States.

The young woman of only 20 years has been dabbling in the music industry for several years and this 2023 decided to enter the international singing competition that summons thousands of people. However, only a few manage to be in front of the members of the jury. For this session 21, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie They are in charge of finding the best voice.

Alessandra Aguirre used their social networks to excited to share with her loyal followers that she will be part of the contest and show off her golden pass. Through her official TikTok account, the composer also published a video showing a bit of what her audition was like and the reaction of the judges.

Alessandra Aguirre got the golden ticket on “American Idol”. (TikTok)

Likewise, on his Instagram account, he thanked the expressions of affection that he has received since he announced that he will represent Peru. “Thank you all for all the care and love you have been giving me these days (…) I won the golden ticket and I’m going to Hollywood”, she reads herself as a description of the photographs of her on her digital platform .

Quickly, users did not take long to react to her publications, applauding her achievements and supporting her in this new stage. “The first Peruvian on American Idol, yes sir”, “You are too capacious. Congratulations! Very proud”, “From here all our applause and all our love”, “You are spectacular, I have no words”, “I am super proud of everything you are achieving Ale”, were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that the second chapter of ‘American Idol’ where Alessandra Aguirre appears was broadcast last Sunday, February 26, through the ABC channel in the United States. However, if you have a subscription to the streaming platform ‘Hulu’you will be able to revive your hearing.

Alessandra Aguirre He is currently studying music production and music business at Berklee. She found her passion in singing from the age of eight. In 2012 she decided to participate in the first season of ‘Peru has talent’ and at just 11 years old she became the brand new winner of the program after interpreting “Rolling in the deep” from Adele.

“I feel very happy. I have been singing since I was three years old, I have never had classes, but I have always liked everything that has to do with music. I’ve had a great time on the show. Everyone in the production has helped me a lot, ”she said at that time in an interview for the same channel, shortly after obtaining the title and the 70,000 soles prize.

Over the years, the singer was focused on various artistic projects until she resumed her career as a singer. Within her repertoire, she has already published singles such as ‘Tell Me’, ‘Si te Digo’, ‘Call Out My Name’, among others. His latest song ‘everytime’ It was released in December 2022.

“With ‘Everytime’ song I seek to convey how ‘obsessed’ a person can be with another, whether it’s a celebrity or someone, you usually see every day, that feeling that catches you every time you see that person you like; when your world goes crazy, ”said the interpreter.

Alessandra Aguirre has also had the opportunity to share the stage with renowned colleagues in the music industry such as Bacilos, Lil Silvio and El Vega, Tony Succar (also a Peruvian artist, winner of various awards in the field) and We the lion (Peruvian band) in his short career.

Alessandra Aguirre donated 25,000 soles of her prize to Juan Carlos, a blind child who came in second place.

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