Alexandra Daddario poses in lingerie in front of the mirror and unleashes reactions

Alexandra Daddario He is going through one of the most successful moments of his career. The Serie The White Lotus was one of the most nominated in the Emmy Awards and is in full promotion of Mayfair Witcheshis new show that airs on AMC+ from January 5.

To publicize his series, he attended an event British Vogue and dazzled by using a black velvet strapless dress and with opening on the left leg.

Daddario, 36, showed off his perfect skin with a very natural makeup where he only highlighted the blush and red lips. She wore diamond earrings.

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The last photo in his gallery included a selfies in underwear. She added more than 800,000 reactions and dozens of messages with messages like: “She is the most beautiful person on the planet” and “She is simply spectacular.”

Alexandra Daddario is delighted with Mayfair Witchesfrom the producer Anne Ricebecause it is a reflection of how Hollywood has changed over the years and now there are more women in the production of content.

“There’s been a big shift (in Hollywood) in how we want to portray women, the number of women working behind the scenes, the number of leading roles for women is increasing,” she told InStyle magazine.

Alexandra Daddario

daddario He admitted that for most of his twenties, “no one offered him any offers.” “There are things I’ve done that people don’t take very seriously, which is fine, but I’ve always taken my characters seriously, I’ve always found something in every project,” he noted.

Mayfair Witches stars Alexandra Daddario. She plays a surgeon who discovers, to her surprise, that she is descended from a coven of witches whose powers she has inherited.

On a personal level, he also has a great time. In June, Daddario, 36, married in New Orleans with the producer Andrew Form53 years old.

They toured the aisle at Preservation Hall, a jazz venue in New Orleans’ French Quarter that has been in operation since the 1960s.

Alexandra Daddario told the magazine Women’s Health that she wanted her wedding to feel good, without the pressure of social conventions.

In addition, he stressed that when he met Andrew, he knew that they were for each other. “The wedding was wonderful; it felt a bit like a foregone conclusion. So I feel really at peace,” she added.

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