Alfonso Gil Moran presents SUTEYM DIFEM, IMIEM and JAPEM reports.

Toluca, Mexico State, September 33, 2023 In an atmosphere of fun and merriment at the Morelos Theater in the city of Toluca, the first and second reports on the activities of DIFEM, IMIEM and JAPEM-SUTEYM were held, where more than 2000 people were present to listen to a message from Alfonso Gil Moran, general secretary of the section.

The protocol ceremony began when the workers sang the SUTAME anthem, a symbol that gives them the identity of their ideals of struggle and justice. After the legal quorum was met, a vote was taken to elect the president of the debate table. Karina Luna Gomez was chosen by a majority vote as the representative of her peers and presided over the official ceremony.

On the fifth issue of the agenda, Alfonso Adan Gil Moran, general secretary of the section, presented the first and second reports in which he emphasized that during his tenure they have made outstanding progress in strengthening SUTEYM, which they have achieved thanks to the union’s action plan, which considers 5 fundamental pillars; 1.- Promoting health, welfare and social care; 2. Attitude and attention to civil servants; 3.- Celebrations and special events; 4.- Strengthening the infrastructure of the Union; and 5.- Promoting health, welfare and social care.

On the health issue, noteworthy are the use of 422 COVID tests among government employees, 448 mammograms and 100 Pap tests for women. Application of more than 900 influenza and hepatitis vaccines to 631 civil servants.

With regard to connections and attention to civil servants, he stressed that during his reign they visited 12,000 colleagues with whom they established a direct dialogue, preferring dialogue and mediation. In addition to the supply of 25,690 pieces of clothing and 7,678 pairs of shoes for DIFEM uniforms, 305 interest-free home loans and 4,969 student scholarships for government employees and children have been awarded.

The third component, Holidays and Special Events, highlighted International Women’s Day celebrations and gift giving, accompanied by a presentation on women’s empowerment. Celebration of Mother and Father’s Day IMIM and Civil Servant’s Day DIFEM; in addition to sporting events, where employees were given football and basketball uniforms, and finally, a tour for the children of government employees, which was attended by a total of 430 people, including colleagues and their families.

In the fourth pillar of management, Gil Moran singled out the Strengthening of the Union Infrastructure, where he noted that the image was worthy and care for the union heritage was maintained, equipped the Section office with furniture, computer equipment and the regularization of vehicles.

Among the achievements and structural changes of the Union, he singled out the creation of five coordinations: administration and transparency; Attention to pensioners; Union actions; Attention to a civil servant; and promoting health and well-being. At the DIFEM Social Assistance Centers (Shelters) we have eliminated the human rights violating shift, reducing it from 3 days of work x 3 days off to 24 hours of work x 48 hours of rest.

He added that the liquidation of compulsory protection was carried out and without overtime payment for lawyers at the Prosecutor for the Protection of Children and Adolescents of DIFEM, on the basis of 100 contracts, which strengthened various areas of hospital services.

While at IMIEM, workers have gone from 7 to 14 days of disability and family care, 2 shifts without compromising the encouragement of punctuality and attendance, the creation of a Funeral Support Fund that accelerates support for workers in the event of the death of a family member and an increase from 5 to 10 days weekends in the event of the death of a family member, among the most important items.

With regard to DIFEM, he has allocated a reduction from 20 to 18 years of service for a seniority recognition of 8 thousand 800, an increase from 7 to 10 days due to the death of a family member, an increase to 23 economic days and the provision of March 8 as a day off. to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Finally, Alfonso Gil Moran, general secretary of the section, thanked Herminio Caue, his family, section members, delegates, nurses and all civil servants, whom he encouraged to continue to believe in work, as he assured that “work kills the network.” .

“At SUTEYM, we are clear that the work is worthy of leadership, the state of Mexico needs us, and today I call on all my colleagues, I ask for your support to redouble our efforts in our tasks so that our trade union organization fulfills its social responsibility, since our salaries and benefits come from state money, from all the citizens of Mexico, and to serve with the greatest honor and pride is just.”

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