All the brutal murderers who have donned the Ghostface mask in the Scream saga

Beware, spoilers! In this text we reveal the identity of Scream’s murderers (we do not include Scream 6).

the saga of scream is one of the most famous and representative within the slasher genre. Initiated by Wes Craven in 1996, the particularity of this story starring until this sixth installment by Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott is that in each of the different films released the Ghostface killer has changed identity. Unlike other successful franchises like Nightmare in Elm street (who could be resurrected at the hands of Mike Flanagan), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, chucky either Halloween is that the antagonist is never the same. Ghostface is just the name the villain gives himself, but he is not a person in and of himself. In scream 6, the new film by the same people responsible for scream 5Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, arrives in theaters on March 10 and, of course, will present a new murderer.

Taking advantage of the launch of this new film in the saga, we are going to review in Vandal all the murderers that have appeared in the different tapes of scream. The scripts always tend to leave clues about who could be responsible for the murders, but at the same time, they also save a firecracker for the end, playing with the surprise factor. including, on almost every occasion, two different assassins. Who could be the new antagonist of Scream 6? The only thing we know is that we will see the most brutal Ghostface, since he is even armed with a shotgun.

Scream. Watch Who’s Calling (1996)

  • duration: 111 minutes
  • Director: Wes Craven

The first installment of scream is by far the roundest, as usually happens with the great sagas that extend over the years. In this piece of gold from the nineties, Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) are the killers. who get into the skin of Ghostface. Billy, Sidney Prescott’s boyfriend, motivates Stu to follow him to cause the Woodsboro massacre because Sidney’s mother had had an extramarital affair with her father, thus causing her family to break up. Broken by the pain of living in a broken home, Loomis kills everything that moves out of pure revenge..

Screaming 2 (1997)

  • duration: 120 minutes
  • Director: Wes Craven

Following very closely the events experienced in the first installment, this time the main assassin behind the identity of Ghostface is none other than Mrs. Loomis (Laurie Metcalf), the mother of Billy Loomis who seeks revenge on Sidney Prescott for killing her son. In order to carry out her crime tide, leans on Mickey Altieri (Timothy Olyphant)a die-hard fan of horror movies, particularly stable, who is obsessed with serial killers. Loomis gets Altieri out of the way as soon as he can, but things go awry and it doesn’t go too well…

Scream 3 (2000)

  • duration: 116 min.
  • Director: Wes Craven

Ghostface’s identity is closest to Sidney Prescott. In this third installment, which is considered the most meta of the saga thanks to the approach that is made to the Stab saga, Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), Sidney’s stepbrother, is responsible for the rivers of blood They run all over Woodsboro. Roman had been the result of a rape and would have initially incited Billy to commit the crimes seen in the first part of scream. The most unexpected script twist in the saga may reside in this tape.

Screaming 4 (2011)

  • duration: 111 minutes
  • Director: Wes Craven

The fourth installment of the saga was long in coming. Eleven years after directing the third part, which was to close the saga as a trilogy, Wes Craven sat back in the director’s chair to present a new team of Ghostfaces operating from the shadows: Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), Sidney’s cousin, and Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) are the killers. here. In this film, Jill seeks fame by recreating the massacre from the first film in order to become the new Sidney Prescott. However, the protagonist of the saga is hard to beat and it is not easy to replace her.

Scream 5 (2022)

  • duration: 112 min.
  • Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

This reboot masquerading as a sequel (it’s a bit difficult to define what the film is, although the word that best fits is recuela) closely follows what we saw in the original film. But it is that it follows it so closely that even the characters connect with the events of Woodsboro seen 25 years ago within fiction. Richie (Jack Quaid) and Amber (Mikey Madison) fill in for Billy and Stu to execute another massacre in Woodsboro.. The work was well received for the large number of winks and references to Craven’s signature, but it could also be understood as an almost manual copy and paste.

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