all the reactions to Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock, a year after the incident (and a few days before the 2023 Oscars)

The 2023 Oscar Awards gala will take place at dawn from Sunday 12 to Monday 13 January. And a few days later, it will be one year since last year’s ceremony, which was marked by the incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock .

The comedian, presenter on the most important night in the Hollywood industry, made a joke about the alopecia of Jada Pinkett, Will Smith’s wife. And although in the first moments the actor seemed to have taken the comment well, since he even smiled, he soon changed his attitude and, decisively, walked around the stage until he hit Chris Rock hard.

One year after this unfortunate incident, there have been several comments about the famous slap. The first of these came that same night, when Will Smith himself asked for “apologies to the Academy and the rest of the nominees”.

In Spain, there were several personalities who spoke about what happened. For example, Fabiola Martínez was encouraged to tell about her alopecia problems. It’s a shame that someone can make fun of another person for this reason”he commented. “I have been applying a treatment to control the fall for years,” revealed the ex-wife of Bertín Osborne.

And if we talk about the Spanish media scene and Will Smith, a name that cannot be missing is Pablo Motos. “There is no talk of anything else on the planet, of that, and of what I will say. I look like Will’s representative on earth. This morning I got up and they called me from radios, from televisions to ask me if I had spoken with him and if I wanted to make statements. Also I have been threatened with death…”, commented the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’.

And if Will Smith gave his first statements in the very one in which he attacked Rock, the attacked took a little longer to manifest. When he did, he went before the performance-goers Ego Death Tour in Boston (Massachusetts, USA). “I’m still processing what happenedSo at some point I’ll talk about it. And it will be serious, “he commented in those first statements.

Another of the hot topics of 2022 among the American ‘famous’ also coincided with this controversy: the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-partner Amber Heard. “Believe all women, believe all women, except Amber Heard,” Chris Rock exclaimed from the stage in another of his monologues.

Already in 2023, Eddie Murphy received an honorary award at the Golden Globes and once again recalled the controversy starring Smith and Rock. The phrase “keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth” that the actor said to the presenter of the gala after slapping him was another of the most commented moments. Thus, Murphy recalled it by giving the keys to his “definitive plan to achieve success, prosperity, longevity and tranquility.”

“Pay your taxes, mind your business and get the name of Will Smith’s wife out of your fucking mouths“, he highlighted to the applause of those attending the 80 Golden Globes.

Finally, just days away from the 2023 Oscars, Chris Rock exploded and charged hard against Will Smith, something I hadn’t done yet. “Anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face,” she commented on a new show. More than an hour of monologue followed without Rock mentioning the Smiths again, until towards the end he began to let off steam. “You already know what happened. That motherfucker slapped me at the Oscars and people ask me ‘did it hurt?’. It still hurts”.

“But I’m not a victim, baby. You will never see me crying with Oprah or Gayle King. Never Gonna happen. I took that hit like Pacquiao.” Rock then analyzed what happened based on the discomfort that Smith felt towards his wife, remembering when Jada made public that she had been unfaithful. “Normally I wouldn’t talk about such things, but for some reason they put it on the Internet. I have no idea why they would.”

“She did more damage to him than to me”, he assures, according to NBC. Everyone in Hollywood would have been talking about it for months, but Rock maintains that he was the one who fell for it. “And who does it hit? To me, who he knows he can beat.” “Will Smith practices selective outrage”, he continued by referring to the title of his show, “Selective Outrage”. “Everyone knows that I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t have any entanglements.”

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