Almeria changes in less than two years

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 11:02 pm.

If one takes a look at the line-up of the first game presented by UD Almería in the 2021/22 academic year, which will eventually become the champion, of that team presented by Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia “Ruby” in Kartagonova where it was won with After the goal of Sadiq and two Ramazani goals, there are only five players left in the team, and if you compare the line-up at that time with the one that Vicente Moreno started against Real Madrid last Saturday, it will still be one less. It is true that this championship has only just begun, but how little remains or could remain, if the “omens” of the summer market materialize and there are more starts, that everything is possible in this “Persian market” that football has become. which allows for signings with a duration of three to four days.

Of that game played in Cartagena, and of the eleven they repeated in the second game, the last one played by the organization in the First Division, there are only four matches: those are the cases of Chumi, Sergio Akime, Lucas Robertone and Largy Ramazani, who was then present and occupied place on the bench, there are five more: Fernando Martinez, Alejandro Pozo, Arnau Puigmal, Alex Centelles and Arvin Appia.


Of course, compare the number of changes. In the overall current roster, compared to the one that competed in the Silver Division, there are ten players who are repeating with the essence sheet, although it is true that one of them was not called up in either of the two games and this indicates an exit, as in the case of Íñigo Eguaras, while the situation with the player Ansoain is similar to that of others, for example, in the case of Arvin Appiah or Arnau Puigmal. The Barcelona man, who arrived from Manchester United, seems like a bargaining chip ahead of the possible purchase of the Indalico team, in particular the Mexican centre-back Cesar Montes.

If you look at the lists of promoted players, Fernando Martínez will be Rojiblanco’s goalkeeper in that historic campaign. The Murtian contrasts with the present, in which he has not yet leveled off, although he has taken part in two league matches played. In the 2021/22 season, he will be under attack in defence, with Alejandro Pozo taking the demarcation on the right flank and Parlegno Sergio Akieme on the left. The central defense can no longer be repeated because Cumi and Srdjan Babic will appear, and the Serbian defender will no longer belong to UD Almería with his sale to Spartak Moscow.


The engine room is new. It included Samu Costa, who now defends the colors of Mallorca, and Cesar de la Hos, a player in the main team of Real Valladolid. Francisco Portillo and Largi Ramazani were also among the top eleven players in minutes played that year, with Lucas Robertone and Sadiq Oumar rounding out the team. The Malaga man ran out of contract last year and was “invited” to leave, while Sadiq Oumar entered the summer market of the last league championship.

As for this course, in which only two days have been played, eleven per minute does not have a fixed goalkeeper, it could be Diego Marinho, who started playing against Rayo Vallecano, or Luis Maximiano, who did so on the last game weekend. held against Real Madrid. The right-back is currently owned by Mark Pabill. The Levante transfer player points out ways to become a starter in this division, with an interesting future at that. Sergio Akime takes a seat on the left with suspicion of a possible exit in the few market days yet to come. Chumi and Edgar González occupy a place in the center of the rear, with the Galician starting the game against Real Madrid and the San Juan d’Espi game ending 180 minutes of the championship – a fact that only the former Betis player, Akime, Embarba and Luis Suarez has already signed contracts.

The double center has a new tenant in Idrissou Baba, who started in both games and has fellow wide-fielder Lucas Robertone when the Concordia player was more advanced in the first team. Largy Ramazani and Adrian Embarba appear on the sides, as well as the new Sergio Arribas and Luis Suarez.

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