Amanda Seyfried wants the original cast of Mean Girls to appear in her next musical adaptation

Amanda Seyfried wants the original cast of Mean Girls to appear in her next musical adaptation

Amanda Seyfried wants the original cast of Mean Girls to appear in her next musical adaptation

With an important and diverse acting career full of successes, some of the most iconic roles of (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”1520″)(Actor) Amanda Seyfried(/entity_embed) have been found related to music being these also high impact in pop culture. Although the actress has ventured into different genres, the public still remembers her with special affection for her performances in (entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”70707″)(Movie) Mamma Mia!(/entity_embed) and (entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”43055″)(Movie) Mean Girls(/entity_embed).

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How good wines this film has aged wonderfully, to the point that for years there was talk of spin-offs and television versions that could tell the story of its peculiar and charismatic characters. But over time, only one of these projects has come to fruition, the musical version being the one chosen to continue telling the adolescent misadventures of Cady Heron.

Although Broadway often puts on musical versions of books, movies and any other cultural phenomenon, neither the small nor the big screen tend to adapt its greatest hits to the field of music. But it is a fact that both (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”3442″)(Actor) Tina Fey(/entity_embed) and (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”43060″)(Actor) Tim Meadows(/entity_embed ) will team up again after the 2002 book adaptation Queen Bees and Wannabes Rosalind Wiseman for the realization of this musical version.

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The 2004 film became a commercial and cultural success, becoming a benchmark of its decade that has crossed the borders of time, remaining in force through memes and especially for having had a memorable cast, with actresses such as (entity_embed style =”default” id_entity=”8424″)(Actor) Rachel McAdams(/entity_embed), (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”2445″)(Actor) Lizzy Caplan(/entity_embed) and (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”31233″)(Actor) Lindsay Lohan(/entity_embed), plus Fey herself and a guest appearance by (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”5558″)(Actor) Amy Poehler(/entity_embed).

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For both Amanda Seyfried and the rest of her co-stars, the film was a springboard in their then nascent careers. The actress of (entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”13990″)(Movie) Les Miserables(/entity_embed) revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he is happy for the arrival of this new version, and that he wants to be part of this next adaptation.

I still hope for a miracle. It’s not really up to us, is it? … The four of us are 100 percent… Maybe we could be the mothers of our characters? That’s what I was thinking, but listen, I haven’t even seen the script.

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Seyfried brought the sweet but giddy Karen Smith to life in this comedy, making her one of the most memorable characters in the film, thanks to her hilarious and ridiculous lines, all creations of Fey, who was already famous for them in their times Saturday night Live. The acid but intelligent humor has managed to win a large following of followers who have passionately accompanied her since her days as a presenter on Weekend Update, where the segment lived its golden years thanks to her scripts in the company of Poehler and (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”60514″)(Actor) Jimmy Fallon(/entity_embed).

Of all the members of the cast, Seyfried’s character knew how to enhance these comic qualities like no other, so despite not having the same number of minutes on screen as her co-stars, she was one of the favorite fans of the tape and both her image and her phrases —along with those of McAdams’ Regina George— are the ones that are most remembered of her.

The actress has chosen to take more leisurely steps in her career after becoming a mother, but this does not mean that she has stopped being present in the industry. With three new projects on the horizon, the one that stands out the most in her future is The Crowded Room an Apple TV+ anthology series that will explore characters who live day-to-day with mental illness. The cast of this production is joined by actors such as (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”4265″)(Actor) Tom Holland(/entity_embed) and (entity_embed style=”default” id_entity=”18393″)(Actor) Emmy Rossum(/entity_embed), in what promises to be a great plot.

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