Amparo Grisales says that Symfoni asked her a curious question, too sensual?

New season My name is brings many surprises, including emergence of Symphony, artificial intelligence this will help Amparo Grisales, César Escola and Pipe Bueno to qualify the copycat setup.

So much has been said on this subject. We asked “La Diva de Colombia” how her relationship with her is going. and so he answered us.
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The first thing that came to light was that this artificial intelligence was created specifically for the production and flattered her image because she says that she has a face similar to that of Scarlett Johansson and that “She’s like a doll”.

How is your relationship? Between love and hate, these two have learned to recognize each other, in fact, Symphony is learning vocabulary little by little, and here’s why He asked her a curious question, which she could not answer.

“The other day he came out and told me what an orgasm is,” says he can only have one of the algorithmshe explained between laughter, because although at the beginning their relationship was not the best, now they have patience and although “La Diva” is afraid of the topic, was given the opportunity to meet her.

Amparo Grisales is very grateful for being able to be present in all the seasons of Yo Me Llamo that we have seen. just as the scenery changed, so did she, but what he liked was the exactingness from the very beginning.

Thanks to discipline that production has surpassed and that every time it goes on air it shows the perfect doppelgängers of their favorite artists, so he hopes that this will continue and that more and more imitators will participate.
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Amparo Grisales is considered the great diva of Colombia, one of the most important women in national television. Successful and with a long and solid career as a film, theater and television actress and businesswoman. She is the tenth female conquest expert when standing on stage. Loved not only for originality, but also for beauty and original style.

Cesar Escola is a Colombian-Argentinean musician, composer, host and music director. He has written music for television programs such as: Blood of Wolves, Curse of Heaven, Ugly Betty, Gentlemen Prefer Animals and others. He has also directed musical comedies such as “Cage de las locas”, “Invincible Molly Brown”, “Peter Pan”, “Cabaret”, “Horror Link”, “Chicago” and others. He presented several programs such as Snipers, Day by Day, Make Millions, You’ll Fall Too, Hola Escola.

Pipe Bueno began his artistic career at the age of 16, which allowed him to meet the great vallenato singers who contributed to his professional career. Thanks to his talent and special style, he is one of the most important performers of the popular genre all over the world. He is currently preparing a release with Grupo Firme, the most important band in the Mexican region, and is preparing for his tours in Latin America, Canada and the USA.

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