An album full of social accusations and dark textures.

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Ashnikko presents us with his debut album “Weedkiller” and here we bring you a review so you can listen to it.

Ashnikko’s 2021 mixtape introduced us to a pioneering author who broke down barriers between genres and managed to break into alternative pop with some rolls that sounded everywhere like Daisy And “Hen-party”.

Thanks to cooperation with Kelis, Princess Nokia and Grimes, and co-wrote with Doge Cat. “Boss Bitch”, Ashnikko has done his best to break into the genre by rapping on flawless and transgressive productions. Now Ashton Nicole presents HERBICIDESthe opposite side of catchy and catchy tracks that brought HALF DEVIL (2021).

Ashnikko presents us with his debut full-length album. Photo: via Instagram.

In 13 new roles Ashnikko goes deep into the beats a deeper and much darker atmosphere than he has imagined in his past material.. Using trap as a base, the artist expands on this album to include subtle elements of glitch hop, electronica and rock.

For HERBICIDESDaniela Lalita collaborates on Super Soaker and Ethel Kane on Dying Star. The focus is on Ashnikko, and both collaborations seem quite natural. now with artists who don’t have huge status in pop musicwhat happened on his first mixtape.

“WEEDKILLER” Ashnikko: liberation cry of feminism

This entry denounces most of the social conventions that women are subject to. some persistent stereotypes that Ashnikko makes fun of in this article.

The harshest criticism in HERBICIDES Ashnikko, we find her in Cheerleader with lines like “Wrapped in a leather suit, perfect teeth. God made me beautiful, you made me evil.» We love that Ashnikko doesn’t censor himself and delivers strong messages in all of his songs.

For “Weapon Mastery” Ashnikko is encouraged by the decision of the US Supreme Court to change the abortion license, that it was a victory for women’s self-determination in Roe v. USA. Wade.

Song Bridge challenges society by saying: “You scared me. How dare I have personal desires? Condemnation of the idea that the female body is an objecton the road dense, promising HERBICIDES de Aschnicco speaks of an important social problem.

The idea of ​​having a partner who submits to social pressure or complaints of direct revenge on the aggressors are some of the topics that Ashnikko is not afraid to touch.. It is not easy for everyone who listens to it, this is not quite a record that tells not about happiness, but about life and its bitter moments.

While complaining about what she doesn’t like, she unleashes her powers on a record that is both cleansing and overwhelming. “Screaming (…) I find it much more effective than violence”Ashnikko said in an interview with Alt Press.

Ashnikko’s cover of Weedkiller. Photo: Parlophone/Warner Records.

The combination of genres is phenomenal.

Perhaps at the first listening or for those who are not familiar with the work of Ashnikko: HERBICIDES surprise your ears with an unusual combination of many genres. She usually raps to rhythms that are often borrowed from trap (as in the song titled on the album), she also often screams, which is part of her personality as an artist.

Musically, we hear deep rhythms quite dark synthetic textures for this batch, as well as distortion, it doesn’t matter if it’s guitars (“Chokehold Cherry Python”, “WEEDKILLER”) or digital bass bases for the same effects (“You Nake Me Sick!”, “Cheerleader”).

Always towards the dark Ashnikko manages to draw our attention to what follows from one track to another. In addition to its visual offering, we are mesmerized by its combination of accusation with bleakness and how it manages to make clear contrasts coexist in the same space, such as whispers and screams, distortions and almost acoustic songs like “Dying Star” for example..

“WEEDKILLER” Ashnikko has advanced production

HERBICIDES this is absolute madness in terms of production. Ashnikko’s voice is used in a variety of ways, especially her screams and verses, which often have an effect.

The number of elements used, as well as the specific mods they have to drive, can be overwhelming. “I want everything” this is a sample of itand although it is built on the trap beat, the inclusion of at least five layers of synths they make this song one of the best on the record.

Ashnikko’s debut album is tense and rough, at some points he talks and even whispers, as in “Super Soaker”., which reminds us a bit of Billie Eilish’s style. The heavy electronic influence and part of his visual style harks back to Grimes, with whom he has already collaborated.

The co-production is Oscar Sheller (Pink Pantheress, Shy Girl) and Slinger (Issy Cross, Sped Up Nightcore). Electronics is the backbone of this album. and the nuances of the singer’s voice amaze the imagination with unexpected effects. By rapping and singing, Ashnikko shows how versatile he can be, and for the same reason, the album is extremely interesting, it has everything.

Ashnikko wore official merchandise for the launch HERBICIDES. The set includes two vinyls, red and one with Galaxy print, and a box set. and others, we noticed a huge devotion to their fans. You can get everything here.

He is currently touring Europe and will later visit the US and Canada. We are very intrigued by his live performance and the aesthetic he has worked on. HERBICIDES, so let’s not rule out that we will soon see her in our country on a date in private or perhaps at a festival.

Ashnikko at TRNSMT-2023. Photo: Getty.

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