An inspiring e-book to invite women to empower themselves in Malaga

On the occasion of the celebration this March 8 of International Women’s Day, and in line with its commitment to gender equality, the Rosaleda shopping center publishes an inspiring e-book for invite women especially the younger ones, empower yourself and fight for your goals.

The graphic material is made up of dozens of iconic phrases pronounced by female leaders in all spheres of society, throughout history and in the present. Among the quotes included in the electronic book are historical figures such as Simone de Beauvoir, María Zambrano or Frida Kahlo and other more current references for the new generations like the actress Emma Watson, the athlete Alexia Putellas or the singer Rosalía.

A message of empowerment for the youngest

In order to offer a motivating message to the women and girls of Malaga in the society of the future, the Rosaleda shopping center is going to disseminate the e-book free of charge Inspiring Women on all its digital channels and, especially, among the entire local educational community.

Besides, the initiative will be replicated on social networks, from where a game in quiz format has been enabled to give visibility to the female figures collected in the book. In the same way, and especially bearing in mind the millennial segment To which this project is especially directed, wallpapers related to values ​​that promote empowerment, personal development and equal opportunities have been designed.

This action continues the “Women who Inspire” campaign, launched last year by the Rosaleda shopping center on the occasion of 8M to make visible the prominent role that women play in society.

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