Ana de Armas Oscar 2023 I Ana de Armas, Kristen Stewart and the change of jacket

Ana de Armas, Kristen Stewart and the change of jacketIT

The brightness of the oscar awards 2023. Ana de Armas It is tremendously difficult for her to be crowned as the Best actressan award that is already taken for granted that will end up for the first time in the hands of michelle yeoh (Everything at once everywhere) or that a third will do it in those of cate blanchett (TÁR). Added to the strong competition is the decline of Blonde, the film in which the only thing that shines is the interpretation of its protagonist. In fact, the film in which he gives life to marilyn monroehas earned (deservedly, critics agree) the Razzie for Worst Picture.

Although, with the hollywood academyall are surprises (see the case of codathe Best Film in the 2022 edition, despite its weakness compared to the rest of those who opted for the same title: Belfast, don’t look up, Drive My Car, Dune, the williams method, Licorice Pizza, The alley of lost souls, the power of the dog and West Side Story.

They won the Oscar with a flat film

Two big names in Movie Mecca They are clear examples that you can win an Oscar for a role in an unremarkable film. In 2010, Sandra Bullocktemporarily retired from cinema at the moment, took the award for her work in The Blind Side -almost a telefilm, nice, but for a nap-, when a few hours before he had received the anti-Oscar, the Razzie Award for Worst Performance feminine by crazy obsession. She had enough sense of humor to pick it up in person on the eve of the gala in which she won the highest award of the season.

Similar was the triumph of Julianne Moore in 2015 for Always Alicealthough the protagonist of Boogie Nights it did not appear in the pools of any Razzie. However, Always Alice It is still a story full of sentimentality in which the only thing that keeps the viewer’s ‘hook’ afloat is the presence of its protagonist.

If logic is followed, this argument of being nominated for a bad film in order not to award her the award is meaningless, since in theory ‘performance’ is rewarded, regardless of which title her name appears in the credits. What’s more: if in a film branded as “tiring”, “irritating”, with a “messy script” and with an “disjointed direction”, one speaks at the same time of the “monumental and hypnotic portrait of a myth” What does Ana de Armas do, shouldn’t this be an incentive instead of a drag? Another plus: it was the 34-year-old Cuban-Spanish who has achieved that the story of Marilyn Monroe has a presence in this edition of 2023.

An image of ‘Blonde’.

Now, thanks to this nomination, everyone is for Ana de Armas, when (at least in Spain) few were for some time. In fact, she is no longer Ana de Armas: she is ‘the Spanish Ana de Armas’. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much work you have to do. Until the red carpet is stepped on… the recognition of the ‘general’ public opinion does not arrive.

What does Kristen Stewart paint here?

And what does all this have to do with Kristen Stewart? All. If Ana de Armas stayed with the label of The intership until Blade Runner 2049 got rid of it, Kristen Stewart was very sorry to be Beautiful swan in the saga Twilight. Working for the adolescent public comes hand in hand with the ‘judgment’ of the industry and its slab… It didn’t matter that she was that girl who worked (and very well) in the panic room with David Fincher and Jodie Foster. It also mattered little that later he will pass through on the road, Travel to Sils Maria, Coffee Society, etc The ‘soda’ sign had already been hung.

And, suddenly, the role came to him, in addition to the applause of the people the day he threw an excellent dart at Donald Trump when he spoke of his homosexuality. another of a biopic, as in the case of Ana de Armas. she was the Lady Di of Spencer, under the orders of Pablo Larraín. The nominations and pre-concessions of those awards before the respective galas were held rained down on him: the one for the Hollywood Critics Associationhe satellitethe one of the Critics’ Choice Movie Awardshe Golden Globe and the oscar, among others. Of these five, he won the first two. She also did not have it easy at the big movie party, competing with Jessica Chastain, Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz, and Nicole Kidman. She snatched it from Chastain for Tammy Faye’s eyes (surprise: other biopic about the famous evangelist televangelist).

Despite these pre-concessions, it was already taken for granted that this would not be Kristen Stewart’s big night, because she was coming preceded by controversy, precisely because of the lack of recognition of the actress’s talent. She armed herself with God when it was taken for granted that the Screen Actors Guild (Screen Actors Guild, SAG) would recognize her copy of Diana of Wales and… it was not like that. Her name went straight to the trending topic on Twitter because that was the big opportunity for her to “be taken seriously” as an actress, they argued. But her classmates didn’t give her that place: they didn’t even nominate her.

A still from ‘Spencer’.

Instead they did highlight Jessica Chastain (Tammy Falle’s eyes), Olivia Colman (the dark daughter), Lady Gaga (the gucci house), Jennifer Hudson (respectt) and Nicole Kidman (Being the Ricardos). With that forgetfulness, the Oscar was getting further and further away -and that in 2020 was the Actress of the Decade for the Hollywood Critics Association-. Had she been nominated, she would have smelled it up close, given that 75% of actresses who go through the SAG win the Oscars.

However, it has achieved, over time, its space. This year she has been the president of the jury of the Berlin International Film Festival and everything has been ovations. At 32, he has become the youngest to preside over the Berlinale. Besides, will debut as a director with the adaptation of the memoirs of the writer Lidia Yuknavitch The Chronology of Water.

It is expected that in the early hours of this Sunday to Monday, Everything at once everywhere, No news at the front and (to a lesser extent) The Fabelmans take the fat As for Best Actress, the pools give Michelle Yeoh (who would also make history) or Cate Blanchett, with an impressive track record at the awards, the winners. But it is proven that, with the Oscars, she is never right. One year surprise with parasites and another do it with coda, and the same happens with the rest of the categories. It never rains to everyone’s liking.

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