Ana de Armas’s hair secret has 3 tricks that we can all put into practice

sometimes wear one pretty hair It is not only a matter of nature having been generous with us, but also that the secret may have to do with three hair tricks that we can all put into practice, as shown by the actress Ana de Armas. the protagonist of Blonde He has left us speechless with his hair at the Oscars 2023 and these are his three tricks that you can also copy.

A hairdresser who understands your hair

Ana de Armas’ stylist, Jenny Cho that has the power to triple the volume of half-Hollywood hair (like that of Jennifer Lawrence either Emma Stone, both with fine hair) as well as the Cuban actress respecting her natural hair and without losing an iota of elegance. Therefore, it is key to put in the hands of a hairdresser who cares for your hair and who knows how to take advantage of its texture with a good haircut and essential care products for your hair.

Comb your hair with different textures

Another of the keys to beautiful hair is bet on combing it with different textures. From raising the roots working the volume and with a natural texture that is not artificial and seems hollowed out with the fingers or with open waves, with a casual and carefree touch are also one of its hallmarks. That mane that makes the hair ideal and without being disguised or immobile.

Bet on a product for shinier hair

Jenny Choo, when it came to giving Ana de Armas’s hair more shine than ever, relied on an infallible styling product from René Furterer which also protects and enhances the hair. And it is none other than the signature vegetable lacquer that is a fine finishing mist with jojoba extract that instantly defines hairstyles for a long-lasting natural hold. And its formula-care protects and improves the hair fiber and is easily removed by brushing, it has an anti-humidity effect and ingredients of natural origin.

Lacquer Style by René Furterer

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A vegetable lacquer that provides a soft hold and spectacular shine. It is also easily removed by brushing.

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I’ve been looking for the best shampoos and products for my fine hair for years but here they are

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